31 Delicious and Unique Foods to Start With L

The letter L is home to some of the most unique foods in the world. Whether you like lamb or laksa, there is something for everyone in this list! Check out these 30 foods for some inspiration on how you can take your menu up a notch with an entry starting with L!

List of food starting with L:

Lady Finger

The ladyfinger vegetable typically has a delicate flavor and texture. Ladyfinger is a sweet, slender, and long finger-like food. It is cultivated in the tropics during the summer and winter months. This type of finger-shaped food can be eaten with milk or with sugar as well as it can also be used in many types of dishes like soups and stew. It can be eaten as a snack raw or cooked.

Lahana Sarması

Lahana Sarması is a vegetarian Turkish dish and is traditionally served with rice, yogurt, and olive oil. It can be used as a side for other dishes or be served as a main course meal itself. It consists of cabbage leaves wrapped around a filling.


Lahmacun is a Turkish dish that can be served as either a meze, starter, or as part of the main meal. It consists of a round dough topped with minced meat and seasonings. The best type of meat to use for this dish is ground beef or lamb, however many different types of minced meats can be used – anything from spicy lamb meatballs.

Lalanga fruit

Lalanga is a tropical fruit that is used to make jams, wine, liqueurs, and candies.


Lamb is sheep meat. It is eaten by people and can be used in many different recipes. Lamb can be mixed with vegetables and spices to create an amazing dish for members of the family or for guests at your home.


Lard is a type of fat originating from pork. Lard has many uses, including being a cooking fat, an ingredient in certain dishes, and a substitute for butter or shortening. Lard can come in many different colors such as white, yellow, or even green.


Lasagna is a type of Italian oven-baked dish that is layered with pasta, cheese, sauce, and other flavors. It is usually served as a main course or sometimes as an appetizer.


Latkes are a type of pan-fried pancake, typically eaten during the Jewish holiday of Hanukkah. The latke is made by grating potatoes and onions, blending them with matzo meal or flour, egg, salt, and pepper, and deep frying the mixture in oil.


Latte is an espresso coffee with hot foamed milk on top. The drink is made by pouring a shot of espresso into a cup, adding sugar if it is desired, and topping the beverage with steamed milk. Latte can be used as a breakfast drink, as well as an afternoon or evening accompaniment to dessert or other snacks.


Lavash is a type of bread made by rolling dough into thin, large rounds. This bread is often used to wrap or stuff food. Lavash can be eaten plain with butter or honey or it can be dipped into the soup.


Leek is a vegetable that’s often used in soups and other dishes. It looks like a green onion because of its many layers of thin, pale-green leaves. Leeks are eaten raw and can also be braised or roasted.


Legumes are a diverse group of plants that are cultivated and used for food. Legumes are edible seeds that grow in pods. They’re high in protein and fiber and offer a variety of flavors. Legumes are also high in zinc and vitamin B6.


Lekvar is a fruit spread that’s made from apples, pears, plums, or a combination of these fruits. The mixture is boiled with sugar and lemon juice until it becomes thick. Lekvar can be served with slices of bread or on desserts like cakes and pastries. It can also be used in meatballs or in sauces for fish dishes.


The lemon is a small, round fruit that has a yellowish peel and elongated shape, with the flesh-colored from deep yellow to light yellow. The zest of the lemon often has a dry texture and can be used in cooking for its citrusy scent. Its juice is commonly used to flavor drinks and various dishes.


Lemonade is a beverage made of lemon juice, sugar, and water. It is commonly served as an uncarbonated soft drink, and its own popularity has been attributed to the availability of fresh lemons in many parts of the world.


Lemongrass is a tall perennial grass from the ginger family and can be found in China, India, Pakistan, Egypt, and many other countries. Its leaves are long. It has a citrus flavor similar to lime. Lemongrass is commonly used in curries as well as soups and salads.


Lentils are a member of legumes that is native to southern Asia. Lentils are high in protein, fiber, and iron. It can be used as a spice or it can be eaten as a soup.


Lettuce is a vegetable. It can be used in salads, sandwiches, wraps, and tacos. It is often eaten raw. The most common types of lettuce are butterhead, boston bibb, leaf lettuce, romaine lettuce (also called cos lettuce), and red leaf lettuce.


Lychee is a sweet and fragrant fruit. It has a soft, thin skin that encloses a juicy and sweet white pulp. The fruit is slightly acidic due to the amino acid citric acid, which provides a refreshing taste. Lychee can be used in many ways – eaten raw or cooked in desserts like jelly or syrup.


Limes are a type of citrus fruit that is generally sour and can be used in cooking recipes. Limes have many uses as a flavoring agent, including juice, salt, vinegar, and candies. Limes are used in a variety of foods, such as pizza pies, salsas, meat stews, and more. Limes look like small green oranges that are round and usually have a seed.

Lime Pie

Lime pie is a dessert typically made with a layer of soft, sweetened custard and a layer of hard-textured limes.


Limeade is a refreshing drink, made of freshly squeezed citrus juices and sparkling water. It can also be called ‘lime soda’. This homemade beverage is typically not only an excellent thirst quencher, but it also provides the body with vitamin C and B-complex vitamins. Limeade has a tangy flavor, which can be customized by adding sugar or sweetened beverages like diet sodas, pineapple juice, orange juice, or ginger ale.


Limoncello is an Italian digestif that’s traditionally served in a shot glass. The taste starts off sweet and ends with a hint of the lemon zest from the peel. Limoncello can be consumed as an after-meal digestive and it can also be used to make mixed drinks (such as tom collins) or iced tea. It can be made by adding alcohol to fresh lemon peels.


Limpa is a traditional bread from Sweden. This rye bread is made of sourdough and whole rye flour, brown malt syrup, wheat flour, and salt. It’s also topped with coarse grains like barley flour or oatmeal. Limpa has a dense and chewy texture in the middle and crunchy crust on the outside. It’s usually eaten as toast for breakfast, as a snack, or after dinner.


Linguica is a sausage that is used in America. It is made from pork. Linguica is used to make dishes like beans and linguica or linguica burgers with onions.


Linguine is a type of pasta, typically about 1/2 inch wide, that’s usually served with a tomato or clam sauce. It’s also delicious with garlic and oil.


Liver is a food that is made from the liver of various animals, including cattle and sheep. Liver is full of protein, iron, thiamin (B-1), riboflavin (B-2), niacin (B-3) and vitamin B-12. There are many different ways to cook liver such as pan-frying or sautéing with onions, butter, or bacon.


Loaf is a type of bread that has been baked in an oven. There are many different types of loaves, and they are used for things like sandwiches, toast, and other food items.


Lobster is a type of crustacean that is living in the seas and oceans. Lobsters are often boiled alive. There may be certain cultural differences about whether lobsters should be boiled alive or not. Some people believe that if we cook lobster to kill it, it will taste much better than if we boil it alive.


Loganberry is a hybrid berry of a North American native raspberry and European blackberry. It has been used in fruit preserves, ice creams, and cordials since the early 1900s.


Loin is the underside of a hog or swine’s back. It is an extremely tender cut when cooked. It is used in chops, roasts, and ribs.

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