86 Foods That Start with A: Most Comprehensive List

There are so many foods that start with the letter A and it seems like the list is never-ending! Most of them you might already know about but I’m sure there are quite a few that you might not have heard of like #6.

This blog post is to help you find out which foods that start with the letter A are worth trying and maybe even adding them to your diet. There’s a great variety including some vegetables, fruits, meats, fish dishes and desserts like ice cream or cake!

If you’re looking for new ingredients to cook or just to widen the variety of foods you know, then this blog post will be very helpful.

List of Foods That Start With A

Here is a complete list of foods that begin with the letter A:


Abacha is an African dish traditionally made from cassava. Cassava roots are peeled, boiled, and then shredded into thin strips that are soaked in cold water, washed, and then left to dry in the sun.

After it is dried it is then it is mixed with other ingredients such as ugba, fish(dried fish or mackerels), spices including onions, pepper, salt, and a few other ingredients(see recipe) to form a dish.


Achu is a Cameroonian dish that starts with the letter A. It is composed of boiled bananas, coco, and fish to form a yellow soup.


Ackee is a fruit that is very popular in the Caribbean and its popularity has grown throughout the world as well. It forms in a pod and typically contains three to four ackees inside. The fruit has a yellow or orange color while the fruit inside is yellow with a black seed on the top. It grows on trees that are about 30 feet tall and are found mostly in Jamaica and West Africa.

Ackee is also a key ingredient in Jamaica’s national dish (Ackee & Saltfish).

Acorn Squash

Acorn squash is a type of squash with an oblong shape and dark green skin. It is the first variety of winter squash to be harvested, typically in late September through early November. Acorn squash starts out sweet but has a strong nutty flavor that develops when it matures.


Acorns are a type of nut that grows on trees and come in different sizes. They are usually found growing near the base of an oak’s trunk, branch, or roots. Most people know about acorns from the popular ice age movie with the squirrel chasing a nut.


Adobo originated in the Philippines but is also a popular Mexican dish that is made from chicken or pork, tomatoes, onions, and spices. It has a tangy flavor due to the use of vinegar, soy sauce, and garlic in the mix.

Adobo also refers to a tomato-based sauce with many variations depending on the region (e.g., red adobo). The word “adobo” is derived from the Spanish word for “marinade” or “seasoning”.

Adobo is typically served as a side dish with white rice but can also be used to make burritos, tacos, and enchiladas.

Adzuki Beans

Adzuki Beans are a type of bean that is small and resembles kidney beans. They are a nutritious food source as they contain protein, fiber, complex carbohydrates, folate (vitamin B), and minerals such as iron and zinc.

Adzuki beans come from the Fabaceae family with other types being black-eyed peas, lentils, soybeans, cowpeas, and lima beans.


Agar-agar is a type of plant-based gelatin that is made from red algae. It can be used as an alternative to animal-derived gelatins because it has no flavor or odor and does not change the color of foods when mixed in with them (unlike hydrolyzed animal gelatin). Agar is also a much more affordable option.

Agar can be found in health food stores and most major grocery chains, typically in the organic or natural foods section.

Aero Chocolate

Aero Chocolate is a chocolate bar that is made by Nestlé. It was introduced in the UK and Europe in 1935 but did not make it to America until much later even though there had been a demand for this type of candy (chocolate bars with air bubbles).

Aero Chocolate has an aerated center which is why their slogan is “it melts as you eat it”.

Aero Chocolate comes in a variety of flavors including milk, dark, and white chocolate.


Agave is a type of succulent plant that is found in the Caribbean, Mexico, and South America. The sap from this plant can be used to produce syrups or molasses which are known as agave syrup or Miel de agave (in Spanish).

Agave plants grow up to four feet tall with a narrow rosette-shaped leaf. After reaching maturity the agave plant may grow out a tall flower stalk that are typically a pinkish color but can also be white or yellow.

Agave plants were used in many ways by the Aztecs, including as food and to make sugar.


Agrodolce is a type of Italian cooking technique that is a mix between sweet and sour. It typically consists of sugar, vinegar (acid), tomatoes, raisins, capers, olives, pine nuts or almonds in olive oil.

Agrodolce can be used on dishes like bruschetta or with pasta sauces to add some sweetness but also some tartness.


Aioli is a type of sauce from the Mediterranean and consists of garlic, olive oil, lemon juice or white wine vinegar (acid), salt, and pepper. The consistency can vary depending on taste but is generally similar to mayonnaise in terms of being creamy and spreadable. Aioli can be used as a sauce or dip and is usually served with seafood dishes.

Aioli can be found all over the world in various forms depending on regional ingredients but has its origins in Mediterranean cuisine.


Airheads is a type of candy that starts with the letter A, it has a chewy, taffy-like texture with a hard outer layer. They are made from sugar and corn syrup solids but there is no mention as to what the flavorings or colors might be.

There are a few different types of Airheads flavors from cherry, blue raspberry, watermelon, and white mystery(they don’t even know what’s in it).

Albacore Tuna

Albacore is a type of tuna that is a deep water fish and was once considered to be the best tasting. Albacore can be found in canned form or as sashimi (sliced raw).

Albacore Tuna has a medium-sized body that will range from six inches up to around 47 inches in length with a weight that can get up to 80 pounds.

Aleppo Pepper

The Aleppo pepper (also spelled aleppin and sometimes called the Syrian pepper) is a type of dried chile pepper that has its origins in Syria. The Aleppo peppercorn can be found on dishes like hummus, kebabs, or as part of ground meat such as kibbeh nayyeh which is a dish from Lebanon made with bulgur, minced beef or lamb, onions, and spices.


Alewife is a type of fish that is found in the Atlantic Ocean, Pacific Ocean, and along both coasts. They are also known as an American shad or river herring.

Alewives usually grow up to around fourteen inches long but can be larger.

Alfalfa Sprouts

Alfalfa Sprouts is a type of vegetable that is made by soaking alfalfa seeds in water. They have a sweet and nutty flavor which can be both refreshing and satisfying when eaten raw or cooked with other foods like salads, sandwiches, soups, stews, stir-fries, fritters (fried balls), curries.

Alfalfa sprouts are a great vegan source of proteins, vitamins C, Magnesium, and Calcium.

Alfredo Sauce

Alfredo Sauce is a type of white sauce that is made from butter, garlic, and Parmesan cheese. The recipe for Alfredo Sauce can vary a bit depending on how much you want to use as the only ingredients are generally just butter, fresh or dried herbs, and parmesan cheese.


Aligot is a type of dish that is from France and consists of potatoes, garlic, cream or milk (or a combination), and cheese. The consistency can be gooey like mashed potatoes but it will have some air bubbles inside.


Allspice is a type of spice that is known for its powerful aroma and flavor. It is also known as Jamaica Pepper and is made by grounding the dried fruit with the taste being similar to cloves, pepper, cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, cardamom, mace (a type of fruit), aniseed (also called star anise) hence why its named allspice.

Almond Joys

Almond Joys is a type of candy bar made by Hershey’s that contains almonds, milk chocolate (dark chocolate), and coconut.


Almonds are a type of nut that and can be found in the Middle East, North Africa, Central Asia. They are usually a pale yellow color when raw but this will turn to brown once they have been roasted or shelled.

Almonds contain high levels of protein, Vitamin E, potassium, fiber, and calcium.

Aloo Gobi

Aloo Gobi is a type of Indian vegetarian dish that is made with potatoes, cauliflower, and spices. The name Aloo Gobi can be translated as “potato-cauliflower”.

Aloo Gobi’s origins are traced back to the Punjab region in India where it has been eaten for hundreds of years.


Amaranth is a type of seed that is used to make flour. Amaranth can be eaten as cereal, porridge, or in soups and stews. It is also considered a superfood.

Amaranth was one of the oldest cultivated grains on earth with evidence suggesting it has been around for over 4000 years ago!

Amarelle Cherries

Amarelle Cherries is a type of cherry that is native to Europe and East Asia.

Amaretti Cookies

Amaretti is a type of cookie that usually contains almonds and sugar. It can also be found flavored with chocolate, orange peel (zest), lemon rind, spices such as cinnamon or aniseed. The Amaretto Cookie was first made in Italy.


Amaretto is a type of liqueur that is usually made with apricot kernels, almonds, sugar, and almond extract.


Ambrosia is a type of fruit salad dish that consists of oranges, pineapples, sour cream, or cherries.

American cheese

American cheese is a type of cheese that is made from a variety of milk and often includes some form of processed meat.

American Cheese was first created in the United States back in the 1910s and has become very popular as a complement to lots of foods.


Amygdalopita is a type of Greek dish that consists mainly of nuts and usually contains ground almonds, walnuts, or hazelnuts.

Anaheim Chili

Anaheim Chiles are a type of pepper that can be found in the United States as well as Mexico. They are also known for being long peppers with thick flesh and generally have an average weight


Andagi is a type of doughnut that originated in the island nation of Hawaii.

Andagi is usually deep-fried and has a texture similar to that of doughnuts but it contains eggs so they aren’t vegan-friendly like some people might think.

Andes Mints

Andes Mints is a type of candy that is made by the Andes Company.

Angus Beef

Angus Beef is a type of beef that is considered to be some of the best in the world. They come from the Scottish breed of small beef cattle.

Animal Crackers

Animal Crackers are a type of cracker that consists mainly of animal-shaped cookies and have been around since the late 1900s.

Animal Crackers were originally called Animal Cookies.


Anise is a type of spice that has a licorice flavor.

Anise is also used as an herb and can be found in many dishes such as Middle Eastern cuisine, European cuisine, and North African cuisines.

Aniseed Balls

Aniseed Balls are a type of sweet that is in the shape of hard shiny balls.


Annatto is a type of seed that is used to make food coloring.

Annatto is often found in dishes such as cheese, butter, and cakes and can also be a seasoning for some foods.


Aonori is a type of green seaweed that can be found in Japan, Korea, and Taiwan.

Aonori is often used as a condiment for dishes such as sushi or udon noodles.

Apple cider vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar is a type of vinegar that has been fermented from apples. Its acidic nature gives it many health benefits such as weight loss, heart health, and digestion.

Apple cider vinegar can be found in many dishes like salad dressing or even baking items to make them healthier.


Applesauce is a type of sauce that consists mainly of apples (duh). Applesauce can also consist of cinnamon, nutmeg, sugar to make it taste amazing.

Apple Pie

Apple Pie is a type of dessert that contains a pie crust with apples and spices.

Apple Pie can be made in many ways such as sweet or savory pies, tarts, turnovers etc.


Apples are a type of fruit that can be found in many different colors.

Apples are used to make apple cider, cider vinegar, jelly, applesauce, or for baking purposes like pies and tarts.


Apricots are a type of fruit that starts with the letter A and is orange in color.

Apricots can often be found dried or canned to use as a healthy snack, cooked into dishes like apricot chicken, and even made into a jam with other fruits such as peaches. T


Arame is a type of seaweed that can be found in Japan.

Arame is often used as a condiment for dishes such as sushi or udon noodles and can also add flavor to soups, salads, and other recipes.


Arancini is a type of food that is made from a deep-fried ball of rice and cheese that is coated with bread crumbs.

Arrabiata Sauce

Arrabiata Sauce is a type of sauce that consists mainly of tomatoes, garlic, and chili.

Arrabiata Sauce can be found in dishes such as pasta.


Arracacha is a type of root vegetable that is found in South America and the Caribbean.

Arracacha can be eaten raw or cooked and often has a starchy flavor.

Arrowroot Cookies

Arrowroot Cookies are a type of cookie that begins with the letter A, it is made from arrowroot flour, all-purpose flour, and sugar.

Arrowroot Cookies are often known for being on the healthier side because they lack gluten or sugars which some people may have sensitivities to.


Artichokes are a type of vegetable that starts with the letter A and are typically eaten cooked.

Artichokes often grow on a plant called Cynara cardunculus which can be found near water or along coastal areas, it has long leaves with spiky edges.

Artificial Sweetener


Arugula is a type of herb that starts with the letter A. It has dark green leaves on it and is a close relative to other cruciferous vegetables such as kale, broccoli or cabbage.

Arugula is a popular salad ingredient and can be found in dishes such as Waldorf salads, Caesar salads, or even green goddess pasta bowls.

Ash Cake

Ash cake is a type of bread that is baked over hot sand or stones and covered over with ashes. This gives the bread its unique texture, which can often be more like biscuit dough than normal bread.

Ash Cake can be found in many different cultures such as Central Europe, the Eastern Mediterranean Region, or East Asia.


Asparagus is a type of vegetable that starts with the letter A. It has long stems with small rosette-shaped leaves on the end.

Asparagus is often used in dishes such as soups, salads, and can also be roasted or grilled for a more healthy option.


Aubergine is a type of fruit, vegetable, or plant that starts with the letter A.

Aubergines are a popular ingredient in many dishes like ratatouille and can also be made into a sauce on pasta dishes.

Avgolemono Soup

Avgolemono Soup is a type of food that starts with the letter A.

Avgolemono Soup is made from boneless chicken breast, eggs, and lemon juice which gives it a light yellow color. It can be eaten either hot or cold depending on the season.


Avocado is a type of fruit that starts with the letter A.

Avocados are used for many dishes such as guacamole, salads, or even healthy smoothies. Avocados can be nutritious and have a ton of benefits like reducing the risk of heart disease, lowering blood pressure, and increasing bone density.

Açai Berry

Açai berry is a type of berry that starts with the letter A.

Açai berries are often found in South America and can be used as a healthy snack or even incorporated into desserts like smoothies, ice cream, or vegan cakes for added flavor.

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