61 Foods That Start With the Letter T – Complete List

It’s not always easy to find a word that starts with the letter T. But don’t worry, we’ve got your back! We’re going to list 11 foods that start with the letter T and they are all delicious! Stay tuned for some tasty treats like tacos or Tart.

List of Foods Starting With T:


Taste-bud tingling Tabasco sauce combines red peppers, vinegar, salt, and garlic. It’s named for the Mexican state of Tabasco.


Tabbouleh is a Lebanese dish that is traditionally served as a side dish. It is made of bulgur wheat, chopped tomatoes, onion, parsley, mint, olive oil, and lemon juice. Tabbouleh is often eaten with bread as an appetizer.


Tacos are a Mexican dish made with tortillas and usually filled with either meat or vegetables. It’s typically eaten as a snack.


Taffy is a type of candy that is made from sugar. Taffy is traditionally made with butterscotch, but it can also be made using fruit flavors.


Tagliatelle is a type of pasta that is typically made from eggs, flour, and water. Tagliatelle has a long history in Italy dating back to the 13th century when it was developed in Latium.


Tahini is a paste made from sesame seeds that are usually eaten as a dip. Tahini can be mixed with other flavors like honey, olive oil, garlic, and others to make different sauces.


Taleggio is an Italian cheese that resembles something like a cross between brie and butterkase. It is a washed-rind cheese made from unpasteurized cow’s milk, and it’s so flavorful that eating just one of these cheeses will leave you feeling satisfied.


Tamari is a type of soy sauce that is made with a smaller amount of alcohol than the typical soy or tamarind sauce. Tamari has a thicker consistency and a stronger flavor than either of these two varieties. Tamari is typically used for cooking sauces, soups, and as a condiment to add complexity to dishes.


The tamarillo is a fruit that is native to South America. There are many different varieties of tamarillos, from sweet to sour, but they all have the same common traits. The tamarillo can be eaten raw or cooked and is often used in Latin American cuisine for dishes like salsa.


Tamarinds are brownish, and they are often used as a souring agent in many Indian dishes. These fruits are also eaten raw or cooked in tamarind water, which is commonly served with both Indian and Thai dishes to add a sour taste.


A Tangelo is an orange hybrid fruit that originated in Jamaica and was named by crossing the words tangerine and pomelo. The fruit can be eaten straight off of the tree or used to make marmalade.


Tangerines are a type of citrus fruit that is closely related to the orange. It is refreshing and is eaten raw. Tangerine can also make juice similar to beverage like orange juice.


A tapenade is a coarse paste of olives, capers, anchovies, and seasonings, typically including garlic and olive oil. Tapenade can be served as a dip for crackers or bread, a spread on sandwiches or wraps, or an ingredient in sauces or stews.


Tapioca is used to make tapioca pudding, among other things. The best Tapioca comes from the cassava root. It’s also a relatively healthy choice as it’s an excellent source of calcium, potassium, and vitamin B-6.


Taro roots are purple in color and consumed both raw and cooked. It can be used to make poi, a Hawaiian dish made by steaming it with water or coconut milk.


Tarragon is a herb. They are used to flavor soup and vinegar-based sauces like sour cream and milk. It also gives a delicious flavor to meat such as chicken and fish.


A tart is a fruit pie, usually with a shortcrust pastry. Tarts are baked in a tart pan or shallow cake tin that has an open, fluted top that fits snugly into the curves of the storied face, leaving little depth for a crust.


Tea is widely consumed as a beverage in many cultures, and it will be typically brewed. The different types of tea that are consumed include green tea, black tea, and white tea.


Teaberry is a plant that is used for flavoring in medicine. It is also used in making honey, tea, and other herbal drinks.


Tempeh is a traditional soy product originating from Indonesia. It is made by a natural culturing and controlled fermentation process that binds soybeans into a cake form.


Tempura is fried shrimp that has been coated with the egg-based batter and then deep-fried.


A tenderloin is a beef steak cut from the loin, which is the area of meat near the side of the spine.


Teriyaki is a Japanese dish that’s typically made of meat or seafood that is grilled and thickened with a sweet soy sauce. It’s often served with rice.


Tetrazzini is a rich dish that includes chicken, cooked spaghetti, and a creamy sauce.


Thyme is a perennial herb it has a woody stem and leaf and produces small pink-purple flowers. Thyme can be used as an herb for flavoring meats and seafood dishes, or as an ingredient in sauces and marinades for beef or lamb.


Tiramisu is a dessert that is made of layers of fluffy ladyfingers dipped in coffee and then layered with a light, airy filling of whipped double cream, condensed milk, eggs, and cocoa powder.


Tisane are a type of aromatic beverage and alternative medicine. They’re usually made with flowers, leaves, seeds, or berries.


Tofu is a soft white food that can be used in many different dishes. Tofu is made from soybeans and has no cholesterol. It is tasteless but becomes the flavor of whatever you cook it with.


Tomatoes are a delicious food that you can find in many different dishes. They are also used for making sauces and other dishes. Tomatoes are delicious fresh, cooked, canned, or even frozen.


Triticale is a cereal that is grown in Europe and North America. It has the flavor of wheat but the texture of barley.


Trout are one of the most versatile fish that you can cook, not just on their own but they work well in casseroles, omelets and quiche too. Trout is such a widespread favorite because it’s so versatile. Trout goes well with many flavors and cooking styles, from being grilled outside to having it smoked inside an oven.


Tuna is a saltwater fish. It is easily accessible in most grocery stores as canned fish. It is served as a sandwich filling or used in dishes like pasta or salad.


Turkey is mainly used for cooking, and it can be boiled, roasted, grilled or smoked. Their meat can be taken off the bone to use in various dishes such as sandwiches or salads. Turkeys are also used in traditional Thanksgiving meals.


Turmeric is a plant in the ginger family and is one of the roots that is primarily used for cooking. In cooking preparations, it’s usually purchased as a ground powder but in its natural state, it can be grated for use. Turmeric gives food flavor and yellow color. Turmeric also has medicinal properties.

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