Can You Microwave Dixie Plates? (Read Before Microwaving)

If you often have guests over for lunch and dinner and don’t like to deal with the hassle of washing dishes, we’re sure you’re familiar with Dixie. The company not only introduced the first paper cup, but it has a plethora of other household products that include paper bowls and paper plates. 

And while Dixie plates and glasses make serving guests easy and convenient, we always hesitate when it comes to microwaving them. So, can you microwave them? Is it safe to do so? In this article, I answer these questions and more. 

Can you microwave Dixie plates?

According to the manufacturer, you can microwave Dixie paper plates. These paper plates are made of paper and are labeled microwave-safe, so you can microwave them without any worry. Plus, according to the USDA, paper products are much safer to microwave as compared to polystyrene and plastic products.

It’s no secret that microwaving styrofoam or plastic results in toxins and chemicals leaching into your food. But what about paper? Does it release chemicals?

According to authentic studies, paper products are much safer to use in the microwave than plastic. Unlike polystyrene and plastic products, they don’t release harmful toxins. Keeping these things in mind, it’s clear that you can microwave paper products, including Dixie plates.

Should you microwave Dixie paper plates?

can you microwave dixie paper plates

To determine whether you should microwave a Dixie plate, first make sure it is structurally intact and durable enough to handle microwaving. In case you’re microwaving greasy food, make sure to stack multiple plates together to ensure better grease absorption. And once you’re done microwaving, take the plate out and put it on a sturdy dish. 

There are some things you should know about microwaving paper plates. 

  • When microwaving paper plates without any kind of support, it’s better to go for thicker paper plates that have high liquid resistance and ensure better support. Dixie plates meet these criteria. 
  • Some paper plates that you can get today are treated with waxy chemicals to increase their moisture resistance. These plates should not be put in the microwave since the waxy chemicals can find their way into your food when the plates are heated above the chemicals’ melting point. This is not the case with Dixie plates. 
  • To microwave paper plates or any paper products, make sure they are microwave-safe. Dixie plates come with a microwave-safe label so you don’t have to worry about nuking them.  

Keeping these three points in mind, it’s clear that you can go ahead with microwaving Dixie plates. 

Can you use Dixie paper plates to microwave refrigerated leftovers?

You need to be a little careful when using Dixie plates to heat up refrigerated leftovers. Ideally, you should avoid microwaving anything that contains a lot of moisture. This is because food seeps moisture even as it is being cooled. And when you microwave the paper plate with such food, the plate’s durability and structure can change. 

A Dixie plate might not be the best option for storing (and eventually nuking) food that contains a lot of moisture.

Meanwhile, when it comes to oily and greasy food like last night’s leftover Indian curry, your favorite burger, or a slice of pizza, you need to take a different approach.

Stack a couple of paper plates to increase grease absorption. Doing so will prevent the paper plate from bending or the grease from falling through the plate. 

There’s another thing you can do to make it easier to microwave Dixie plates. Once you’re done microwaving, slide the paper plate out of the microwave and put it on a sturdy dish. This will help prevent the plate from bending. Plus, since the Dixie plate will be on a plate holder, it won’t burn your hands.  

So this way, apart from taking away the hassle of cleaning up, you can ensure the structural integrity of the plate and make sure it’s cool to the touch.  

Is it safe to microwave Dixie plates?

can you microwave dixie plates

Yes, it is safe to microwave Dixie paper plates as long as they haven’t been dyed or bleached. Plus, since these paper plates come with a microwave-safe label, you don’t have to worry about nuking them.

Dixie paper plates are safe only for reheating food. You shouldn’t use them to cook food in a microwave. There are some poor-quality plates that have printed designs made using inflammable inks. Such products can burn along the lines of ink when you microwave them. This can contaminate, damage, or even ignite the food. 

But with Dixie plates, you don’t have to worry about them burning if you just use them to reheat food for a short time at medium temperatures.    

Plus, Dixie plates are very durable and feature a soak-proof shield that offers better heat resistance than other kinds of paper products.

How to microwave Dixie plates

To microwave Dixie paper plates, use a paper towel to minimize the chances of splatter and avoid using plastic wrap. Don’t heat on high power or for longer durations of time.

If you’re microwaving something that contains a lot of moisture or food that might splatter like curry, it’s better if you loosely cover the Dixie plate with a paper towel. This will make sure that you don’t create a mess inside the microwave. 

Keep in mind that you should never use plastic wrap to cover a Dixie plate. The wrap can touch the food. And when subjected to heat, it might melt or warp and leach harmful toxins into the food. This can cause some serious health problems. 

If you really do want to use plastic wrap, it’s better if you use it over a glass bowl that makes sure the wrap doesn’t touch the side instead of over a paper plate.

How long can you microwave Dixie plates?

are dixie bowls microwave safe

You should microwave Dixie plates only for 1-2 minutes. Remember, you should only use them for reheating food, and not for cooking. 

Paper products tend to start burning if they’re exposed to the intense heat of the microwave. Even though Dixie plates are made with high-quality materials and have increased heat resistance, you shouldn’t microwave them for more than 2 minutes. 

If you reheat the disposable plates for a long time, the juice or moisture from the food can soak into the plate and destroy its structural integrity. The plate might also be very hot and burn your hand so make sure you’re careful when grabbing the plate. 

Tips to microwave Dixie plates

While it is safe to microwave Dixie plates to reheat food, here are some tips you should keep in mind:

  • Make sure you read the manufacturer’s guidelines before putting the paper plate in the microwave. All manufacturers have different instructions, and Dixie is no different. Reading the guidelines can help you ensure that your plates are microwave-safe. 
  • Dixie disposable plates are microwave safe reheat only so make sure you don’t start cooking in them. Otherwise, you might be left behind with a warped, burned, bent, or broken plate.
  • Allow the food to cool down a little once you’re done microwaving it. A lot of people tend to take the food out from the plate immediately after heating it in a microwave. You shouldn’t do that. Instead, let it settle down and cool a bit before you take it out of the microwave. Doing so makes sure the food and the plate stay intact and the plate doesn’t burn your fingers.  

Wrapping It Up

You now know whether you can microwave Dixie plates or not. There’s no doubt that Dixie plates make hosting a lot more fun and convenient, and a lot less messy. And you can serve both hot and cold food on them. 

Since they have the microwave-safe label, you can put them in the microwave. But while you can microwave them for reheating food, you cannot use them for cooking purposes; otherwise, you’ll risk their structural integrity. Just make sure they’re not dyed or bleached, and you’re good to go! 

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