Can You Microwave Wooden Bowls? Everything You Need to Know

Wooden bowls have long been used in the kitchen. They not only look fabulous and offer any kitchen a slick and trendy aesthetic.

But the greatest thing is that they are 100% organic and so minimize the need to worry about who knows what sweating into our food.

While microwavable plastics may be the first choice of many, there are still people who utilize wooden bowls and containers for food storage. Frankly, wood is used for more than simply cutting fruits or dicing sweet peppers.

Wooden dishes are frequently handcrafted and can serve as a unique showpiece.

I personally enjoy the distinct look they provide and maybe have bought one too many to count.

However, not all are aware of a suitable method to care for and use the wooded showpiece in their kitchen.

By now, I suspect many of you may be wondering if you can microwave your wooden bowls.

Let me explain…

Can you microwave wooden bowls?

No, putting wood of any sort in the microwave is not safe. Doing so might ruin your bowl and burn your food, as well as it may start a kitchen fire. Microwavable plastics, porcelain, or glass containers should be used instead.

Except when it’s composed of metal, many of us immediately think that if a container or dish is food-safe, we can simply microwave it.

I am guilty as charged for this!

Assuming you already know that metals and styrofoam cannot be microwaved. Are you aware that microwaving paper cups and plates, as well as other organic products is also a horrible idea?

This grouping also includes wood. Why, though?

Isn’t it possible to heat wood?

If you are like me, then you must regularly use wooden tools for cooking and food service. With that said, It’s highly tempting to just pop that same wooden bowl in the microwave, right?

On the contrary, wooden dishes, cutlery, and bowls ought to be kept miles away from the microwave.

Your personal safety and the longevity of your costly microwave depend on this!

Is it safe to microwave a wooden bowl?

No, it is not safe to microwave a wooden bowl. Regardless of whether it has a particular finish or is a food-safe bowl wood should not be microwaved.

The risk of microwaving wood stems from its low water content, which can lead a wooden bowl or spoon to be heated up very fast. Ultimately, it might become hot enough to break from the rapid increase in heat.

Wood does not readily catch fire.

Nonetheless, the slimmer the bowl, the easier it will scorch.

Also, as it is with burning logs, the thickest logs can start to blaze if the flame temperature is raised sufficiently.

Microwave ovens function by supplying heat to the water found in food, and because wood contains water, the effect will be the same.

Wood contains fluid, and when heated, the composites in the wood stretch, resulting in the formation of little steam bubbles. This can ruin the bowl and also dry it out, leaving it more prone to splitting, bending, and fragmenting.

While wood seems to be a natural insulator and it does retain the warmth in your food.

Simply put, wooden bowls cannot withstand microwaving.

Thankfully the microwave isn’t a furnace or campfire, so the wooden bowl won’t spark up like a Christmas log.

Safety Hazard

Additionally, in a small amount of time, a microwave will attain extremely high temperatures.

As a result, it is possible for you to burn yourself if you hold the hot bowl using your bare hands. For most persons I know, their basic instinct would be to toss the bowl, which might cause the contents to fall, scatter, or even scorch them.

Ouchi-ba-zo zie!

I hear the little safety police officers in my head, blaring alarms at the thought of this!

Before we go any further, I want to set something straight…

Perhaps you know someone or you have heard others who claim to have microwaved a wooden bowl successfully.

Take it from me, don’t get excited too quickly.

It was simply a fluke or a glitch in the universe and eventually, the wood will be harmed by the microwave’s heat.

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Tips for Wooden Bowl Care

By now you know and comprehend that you should never microwave or bake your wooden bowl.

However, do you know how to properly look after the wooden bowl?

Although you may handle it in some ways like a regular dish.

For you to guarantee that it will last a good number of years, and remain in top shape, you need to prepare to care for it correctly.

To achieve the greatest results, follow these suggestions for care for your wooden bowl:

Wooden Bowls need seasoning

Wooden bowls should be seasoned in a similar way as to cast-iron dishes, although using a completely different technique.

Yes, your bowls may arrive pre-seasoned, but this is something you still need to look into.

It’s really not a terrible idea to season it yourself if you want to ensure that it’s properly seasoned.

Seasoning the bowl doesn’t really imply dusting it with salt and pepper.

For wooden bowls, the technique is performed to get your bowl ready to use. It’s a strategy for preservation.

Finally, the seasoning process will form a protective coating over the whole surface of the bowl.

This layer protects the bowl against issues such as moisture, overuse, and even a little heat. Please keep in mind that this in no way makes your bowl microwave-safe.

Experts advise that to achieve the greatest effect a wooden bowl must be seasoned once per month, or at the minimum every 3 months.

You can use either food-grade mineral oil or wood preservation and conditioning oil. Ultimately, it is your responsibility to properly care for as well as preserve your wooden bowl.

Avoid the Dishwasher

Wooden bowls ought not to be put in the dishwasher, just as they ought not to be microwaved.

The heat within the dishwasher is insanely high for a wooden bowl, and it, like a microwave, might cause deformation or splitting.

Using a little dish soap with warm water is the ideal route to clean your bowl.

Cleanse your bowl as usual and feel free to scrub a little if necessary. Just make sure you season it correctly and on a regular basis.

Rather than leaving the bowl to air-dry after washing it, wipe it off immediately away. Allowing it to air-dry will cause it to absorb any excess liquid, which may ultimately lead to deformation and breaking.

Buying Good Quality Bowls

It is certainly a good idea to invest in a premium bowl rather than one that is merely aesthetically pleasing but not built to last.

If the quality is excellent, you will notice a difference in how the bowl keeps up overall. The higher the quality of the wooden bowls you buy, the longer you would be likely to use them.

For robust and solid wooden bowls, I suggest woods such as maple and walnut. These are also simple to maintain.

What is the final word?

Wooden bowls should not be microwaved. Excessive heat and excessive moisture levels can all cause the wood to crack or deform in shape.

Aim to acquire a high-quality wooden bowl.

Season it with food-grade mineral oil on a regular basis, and hand-wash it rather than using a dishwasher.

You may serve up hot meals in your wooded bowl once it has been properly seasoned and maintained.

Now that you know this, it should be simple to care for your wooden bowl.

So try to emulate these guidelines, and your prized wooden bowl will survive for years to come.