How to Steam Green Beans in Microwave

Steaming green beans in a microwave is something that I know most people think is impossible. In fact, you might be one of the few people that have actually wondered if you can actually microwave green beans.

The good news is that your idea isn’t crazy!

Like you, I’ve also had that idea a few months ago and decided to put it to the test.

In this article, I’ll tell you everything I know about how to steam green beans in the microwave so you can give it a try yourself.

You definitely won’t regret it.

So let’s get into the answers you’re looking for…


Can You Cook Green Beans In The Microwave?

Yes, you can cook green beans in the microwave. Preparing green beans inside a microwave has become one of the simplest methods to prepare your beloved veggie.

I’m sure you’ll appreciate the outcome regardless of using freshly snipped green beans or hand-picked from your freezer.

Cooking green beans in the microwave is particularly helpful for occasions when I need to get food on the kitchen counter with the snap of my finger.

Well, maybe not a finger snap, but you get the picture!

Specifically throughout those extensive heat periods during the climax of summertime.

As a result, most of my menus consist of slicing and dicing walnuts and tomatoes to pair with a buttery taco shell.

Unfortunately, as I’ve now discovered, humanity shall never survive on just walnuts and tomatoes.

There are a whole plethora of meals that need real heat and a bit of effort. Green beans are no exception.

How to steam Green Beans in the Microwave

Green beans should be cleaned and trimmed. Without allowing it to dry, add a pat of garlic butter, white pepper, and kosher salt to a microwavable container. 

Cover the container and microwave for up to five minutes for delicate snappy beans or up to six minutes to achieve much softer beans.

So in the midst of the sweltering heat and lack of energy to fire up the stovetop…

What should you do to succeed in making your green bean fantasy a dream come true?

Break out the microwave!

how to cook green beans in microwave

Certainly, your microwave is not at all the magical cooking device it once was portrayed to be. However, it’s pretty darn good for some things.

This includes preparing green beans with basically just some water, garlic butter, and your microwave.

I embrace using the microwave for cooking freshly cut beans!

I’ve practiced preparing haricot verts (French green beans), green beans, and just about any bean-like this for thousands of years.

Well, maybe not thousands but for too many years to remember.

It’s all worth it, seeing as it’s so convenient and simple, plus they always turn out so wonderfully. There is no need for water boiling or ice water shocking, simply a single plate and you’re finished!

How long should I steam Green Beans in a microwave?

If you would like your green beans soft and crispy, about 4 to 5 minutes in the microwave will do the job. Consider 5 to 6 mins max if you want your beans softer. Keep in mind that food keeps cooking even after it has been microwaved. 

You still can increase time afterward, so always attempt the shortest time initially. 

Once you microwave green beans, you essentially trap in further nutrients since they heat rapidly and require less water.

If you want your French beans or haricot verts snappy yet tender, microwave them for 2 minutes. To get softer string beans, attempt 4 minutes. Because every microwave is unique, you will have to alter the duration to suit your liking.

Green beans and haricot verts can be substituted. Haricot verts are substantially thinner than green beans so they’ll cook significantly faster. If you do choose haricot verts, begin monitoring them after the first minute.

Whatever bean you choose would be determined by your personal preferences.

Each is an excellent choice!

Toss your green beans with additional butter as desired, or savor them as is! I occasionally top with fried diced ham prior to actually serving.


Best way to steam Green Beans in the microwave.

Microwaving green beans is straightforward, allowing anyone to get meals on the countertop fast. Follow these steps for guaranteed awesomely steamed green beans in the microwave.

Step 1

In a microwavable glass container fitted with a cover, combine freshly clipped green beans and 2 tablespoons of water.

Step 2

Set the dish inside the microwave for 3 minutes.

Step 3

Heat about 4 minutes on maximum. Once the time expires, give the green beans a quick mix then close the lid.

Step 4

Heat for an additional one or two minutes then takes a bite of a green bean to ensure it is soft enough.

Step 5

When you want the green beans more tender, continue to heat them for 1 minute longer.

Step 6

Take the plate out of the microwave with caution. Using a metal strainer or colander, strain your green beans into the sink.

A crucial point to note:

I recommend that you do not season green beans without draining the water first.

Whatever seasoning added would be diminished by the water. Additionally, you’ll need the butter and spices to cling to the beans.

Since you are reusing the same pan you cooked the beans in, make sure to drain any remaining cooking liquid.

Add a few specks of salt and crushed pepper to taste, then serve immediately.

Tips for steaming Green beans in the microwave

Following decades spent cooking, I have managed to observe some unique and crucial things when heating green beans in a microwave:

  • Before actually cooking, do not flavor your beans. Otherwise, you may notice sediments on the plate rather than on the beans.
  • Ahead of seasoning and plating, do remember to drain the water. Any liquid present will reduce the taste as well as mop up any spice you may have added.
  • Furthermore, the delicate green beans would keep cooking inside the hot water, resulting in soggy beans.
  • Refrigerate any remaining steamed green beans inside a securely closed vessel. They ought to be good for the next 4 days. For reheating, microwave for one minute at max power or until hot.
  • Clip the rough ends from off the green beans seeing as they are so unpleasant to chomp down on. However, the slender tips of your beans are quite edible. You can nick off the ends by individually twisting them. You should feel the ends naturally separating by doing this.
  • If you do not want to trim the beans, check for the already trimmed ones inside a bag within the produce aisle. It simplifies cooking and one could even steam their beans inside the package!

In summary

Microwaving green beans is such a fast and simple way to prepare them.

The approach requires very few tools and delivers green beans that are perfectly cooked, vivid, and tasty. I must note though, that based on the volume of liquid you use and the strength of your microwave, microwave-steamed beans will necessitate a bit of drainage.

Now that you know this, discovering your preferred way to steam green beans will get you on the path to producing several innovative and appetizing recipes with this spectacular veggie.

A couple of easy salads could become ready in no time and are excellent for family dinners or barbecues.


How do I cook fresh green beans?

Fresh green beans can be cooked in a variety of ways, including steaming, boiling, or microwaving. To steam fresh green beans, place trimmed and washed green beans in a steamer basket over a pot of boiling water. Cover the pot and let the green beans steam for several minutes until they are tender. To boil fresh green beans, place them into a pot with enough salted water to cover them. Bring the pot to a boil and let it simmer for several minutes until the vegetables are tender. You can also microwave fresh green beans by placing them in a microwave-safe bowl with 1 tablespoon of water per every cup of vegetables. Cover the bowl and cook it on high power for 2-4 minutes or until tender.

What dish is safe to use when microwaving fresh green beans?

A microwave-safe dish such as ceramic or glass is best suited for microwaving fresh green beans. Do not use any plastic containers that may melt at high temperatures. Be sure to check all your dishes before using them in the microwave to make sure they are safe for use!

What types of seasoning can be used when cooking fresh green beans?

When cooking fresh green beans, you can season them however you like with herbs and spices such as garlic powder, onion powder, paprika, oregano, thyme or black pepper. Other flavorings like lemon juice or balsamic vinegar can also be added at the end to give your dish an extra kick!

Is there anything else I should know about cooking fresh green beans?

Before cooking your freshly picked or store bought green beans make sure to trim off any discolored parts on each bean and wash thoroughly under cold running water. If you are using canned pre-cooked greens, make sure they have been well drained before adding them to other ingredients during preparation time!

Can you cook frozen green beans in the microwave?

Yes, it is possible to cook frozen green beans in the microwave. Start by placing 1 cup of frozen string beans in a microwave-safe dish with 2 tablespoons of water then cover with either a lid or plastic wrap. Cook on high power for 3 minutes then stir before cooking for another 3 more minutes until tender-crisp. Enjoy!

What is the difference between steam fresh versus frozen green beans?

The primary difference between steam fresh versus frozen green bean is that steam fresh will retain its flavor better than frozen due to faster cooking time; this also allows them to maintain their color better than if cooked from frozen state. Additionally, when cooked from fresh state they typically have higher nutrient content than their counterparts due to not losing much nutrition while freezing process takes place.

What is the best way to cook fresh green beans?

The best way to cook fresh green beans is by steaming them. This cooking method preserves their flavor while maintaining their nutritional value and bright color. To steam fresh green beans, add trimmed green beans to a steamer basket placed over simmering water. Cover and steam for 5 to 8 minutes until the desired tenderness is reached.

What type of dish should I use when microwaving my freshly trimmed green beans?

When microwaving freshly trimmed green beasn it’s important to use an appropriate vessel that won’t heat up too quickly due to the short cooking time required when using this method of cooking veggies! A glass bowl with a lid or plastic wrap will work well – make sure it’s labelled ‘microwave safe’ so you don’t risk any health hazards!

How long should you microwave green beans in a bag?

To microwave green beans in a bag, cook them on high power for 4 minutes. If needed, you can continue to cook the beans in 30 second increments until they reach desired tenderness.

What is the best way to microwave green beans with garlic?

The best way to microwave green beans with garlic is to combine the fresh or frozen green beans and minced garlic together in a bowl with one tablespoon of olive oil. Cover the bowl loosely and heat it on high for three-four minutes, stirring once halfway through cooking.

Can microwave green beans be cooked with olive oil?

Yes, microwave green beans can be cooked with olive oil! To cook them this way, simply add one tablespoon of olive oil to your cup or bowl of vegetables before microwaving them for two minutes on high. Continue to heat in 30 second intervals if needed until they reach desired doneness.

How long do you need to blanch green beans in the microwave?

To blanch green beans in the microwave, first bring 2-4 cups of water to a boil over medium heat. Then add 1/2 pound of trimmed and washed fresh or frozen green beans into the boiling water and allow them to cook for 3 minutes before removing from heat and draining off any excess liquid. Finally, place the drained greens into an ice bath for 1 minute before patting dry and using as desired.