15 Best Substitutes for Sriracha: The Hot Sauce Alternatives You Need to Try

If you’re like most people, you can’t get enough of sriracha sauce. The spicy, tangy flavor is perfect for adding a kick to any dish. But what do you do when you run out of sriracha and don’t want to go without? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

In this blog post, we will discuss 10 delicious substitutes for sriracha sauce.

So the next time you find yourself craving sriracha, don’t panic! These substitutes will have your taste buds singing with joy.

Substitutes for Sriracha

  1. Sambal Oelek
  2. Peri-Peri Sauce
  3. Sweet Chili Sauce
  4. Tabasco Hot Sauce
  5. Louisiana Hot Sauce
  6. Chipotle Ketchup
  7. Korean Hot Pepper Paste
  8. Dried Cayenne Pepper
  9. Tapatio
  10. Ketchup
  11. Gochujang
  12. Cayenne Pepper
  13. Chili Garlic Sauce
  14. Harissa
  15. Homemade Sriracha

Sambal Oelek

Sambal Oelek is a great substitute for sriracha because it has a similar taste and texture. The main difference is that sambal Oelek is an Indonesian chili paste made with hot red chilies, salt, and vinegar, whereas sriracha is made with red pureed jalapeño chilies. As a result, sambal Oelek has a slightly more complex flavor than sriracha.

However, both sauces are similarly spicy, so you can use them interchangeably in most recipes.

When substituting sambal Oelek for sriracha, I usually use about ¾ tablespoon of Sambal Oelek for every 1 tablespoon of sriracha. This proportion ensures that the dish has the same level of heat as it would if you used sriracha.

Benefits of Using This Substitute

  • You’ll get the same spicy flavor as sriracha, but with a more complex taste.
  • Sambal Oelek is a great alternative to sriracha if you can’t find it in stores.
  • Impress your friends with your knowledge of international cuisine.
  • Spice up your favorite recipes with this unique chili paste.

Peri-Peri Sauce

I love Sriracha. I put it on everything from scrambled eggs to pizza. So, you can imagine my dismay when I found myself in the middle of a Sriracha shortage.

Desperate for my fix, I started experimenting with different substitutes and Peri-Peri sauce was one of the most successful. Peri-Peri sauce is a bit thinner in consistency than Sriracha, but it has a similar level of heat and acidity.

It’s also very versatile – I’ve used it in everything from Thai-style stir-fries to Peruvian-style ceviche.

If you’re looking for a Sriracha substitute, Peri-Peri sauce is definitely worth trying. Just be aware that you might need to adjust the quantity depending on the recipe.

The best substitution ratio is 1:1. So every 1 tablespoon of Peri-Peri sauce is equivalent to 1 tablespoon of Sriracha.

Benefits of Using This Substitute

  • It has a Spicy, tangy flavor
  • Versatile to use in any dish or recipe
  • A similar level of heat and taste to Sriracha.

Sweet Chili Sauce

Sweet chili sauce is a common Sriracha substitute. It has a similar balance of sweetness and heat, though it is not as fiery as Sriracha.

I like to use sweet chili sauce in Asian-inspired dishes such as stir-fries and noodle salads. It also makes an excellent dipping sauce for dumplings and spring rolls.

When substituting sweet chili sauce for Sriracha, use a 1:1 ratio. So, if your recipe calls for 1 tablespoon of Sriracha, use 1 tablespoon of sweet chili sauce instead.

Benefits of Using This Substitute

  • It is lower in sodium and sugar than Sriracha sauce.
  • Might contain fewer preservatives or artificial ingredients.
  • A common supermarket item that is easy to find.

Tabasco Hot Sauce

While Tabasco hot sauce and Sriracha may look similar, they actually have very different flavor profiles.

Tabasco is a brand of American hot sauce that is made with vinegar, red pepper, salt, and garlic. This makes the sauce tangy and spicy. Sriracha, on the other hand, is made with garlic, salt, distilled vinegar, sugar, and red jalapeño-hybrid peppers. This gives it a spicier and more complex flavor.

I like to use Tabasco Hot Sauce in dishes that are already quite flavorful because the extra zing of Tabasco can really elevate the dish. I especially enjoy it in stir-fries and stews.

The ratio I use is 1 Tbsp. of Sriracha to ¼ Tbsp. of Tabasco Hot Sauce.

Benefits of Using This Substitute

  • Easy to find at most American supermarkets.
  • A more versatile sauce that can be used in a variety of dishes.
  • The flavor is a little less spicy than sriracha.

Louisiana Hot Sauce

Louisiana Hot Sauce is a great substitute for Sriracha because it is very spicy. The substitution ratio to use is 1 Tbsp. of Sriracha sauce to ¼ Tbsp. Louisiana hot sauce.

Louisiana Hot Sauce has a bright peppery taste which makes it very powerful, but otherwise, the two sauces are quite similar. If you like your food extra spicy, Louisiana Hot Sauce is a great way to turn up the heat when you’re out of sriracha!

Chipotle Ketchup

Chipotle ketchup is a great substitute for sriracha because it has a balanced taste of sweetness and spiciness. I’ve used it as a condiment on burgers and fries and as an ingredient in recipes like Chipotle Chicken Tacos. Chipotle peppers are smoked and dried jalapeño peppers that have a unique flavor.

Chipotle ketchup is often used in Mexican and Tex-Mex cuisine. It’s made with chipotle peppers, tomatoes, vinegar, sugar, and spices. It is a thick, reddish-brown color and has a slightly smoky taste. It is available in mild, medium, and hot varieties.

To substitute sriracha for chipotle ketchup, use a 1:1 ratio. For example, 1 Tbsp. of sriracha sauce is equivalent to 1 tbsp. of chipotle ketchup.

Benefits of Using This Substitute

  • Chipotle ketchup is a common supermarket item.
  • It has a unique smoky flavor that will give your dish an extra layer of complexity.
  • Is available in mild, medium, unsweetened and spicy varieties, so you can choose the level of heat that you prefer.

Korean Hot Pepper Paste/Gochujang

Korean hot pepper paste is a great substitute for sriracha. I’ve used it in a variety of dishes, and it has a similar flavor to sriracha with a bit more heat. Korean hot pepper paste is also less sour than sriracha, so it’s perfect for those who don’t like the vinegary taste of sriracha. To substitute Korean hot pepper paste for sriracha, use a 1:1 ratio. So, if your recipe calls for 1 tablespoon of sriracha, use 1 tablespoon of Korean hot pepper paste instead.

Dried Cayenne Pepper

Dried cayenne pepper is one of the best substitutes for sriracha. I’ve used it in a number of dishes and it always adds a great deal of flavor. The taste is slightly different from sriracha, but it is still very spicy and very flavorful.

The substitution ratio to use is 1 Tbsp of sriracha to ¼ Tbsp. Dried Cayenne Pepper, so if you are using sriracha in a recipe that calls for 1 tablespoon, you would use ¼ tablespoon of dried cayenne pepper. This substitution works well in both cooked and raw dishes.

Whether you’re looking to add a little extra spice to your soup or stir-fry, or you’re just looking for a way to spice up your next meal, give dried cayenne pepper a try.


Tapatio is a well-known brand of hot sauce that can be found in most grocery stores. It is made from chili peppers, vinegar, salt, and garlic, and has a similar flavor profile to Sriracha.

Tapatio can be used as a 1:1 substitute for Sriracha in any recipe. It will add the same level of heat and depth of flavor, but Tapatio may be slightly less acidic than Sriracha. If you’re looking for a good Sriracha alternative, Tapatio is a great option.


Ketchup is often thought of as the last resort when it comes to finding a Sriracha substitute, but it can actually be a great option in a pinch. Ketchup has a similar level of sweetness to Sriracha, and it also has that all-important vinegary zing.

The main difference is that ketchup is significantly less spicy, so if you’re looking for heat, you might want to add some crushed red pepper flakes to your dish. However, ketchup is still an excellent option if you’re out of Sriracha and all else is unavailable.

It’s also worth noting that ketchup goes with just about any type of food, so it’s an incredibly versatile condiment. Whether you’re making chicken wings or pasta

Cayenne Pepper

While Sriracha may be the most popular chili sauce on the market, it’s not the only option out there. For those who just need to add the heat or are looking for a different flavor profile, cayenne is the substitute to try.

Cayenne pepper is a great sriracha replacement for those who want to add a little spice to their dishes. This type of pepper is incredibly versatile and can be used in a variety of recipes. It’s also relatively easy to find, making it a great alternative to Sriracha.

If you’re looking for something with a bit more kick, try Habanero peppers. These peppers pack a serious punch and are perfect for those who like their food with a little extra heat.

Chili Garlic Sauce

Chili garlic sauce is the perfect substitute for Sriracha sauce. This delicious sauce is packed with flavor and has a similar heat level to Sriracha. In fact, chili garlic sauce is often referred to as the sibling of Sriracha sauce.

When substituting chili garlic sauce for Sriracha, use a 1:1 ratio. This means that for every 1 tablespoon of Sriracha, you will use 1 tablespoon of chili garlic sauce. Chili garlic sauce can be found in the international aisle of most grocery stores.


Harissa is a Tunisian chili paste that packs serious heat. If you’re looking for a substitute for sriracha that has a similar level of heat, harissa is a good option. In addition to being hot, harissa also has a ton of flavor.

It’s made with a blend of spices, including cumin, coriander, and garlic. And, unlike sriracha, which is relatively thin, harissa is a thicker paste. As a result, it can be used as a condiment or even as an ingredient in recipes.

So if you’re out of sriracha and looking for something similar, give harissa a try. You just might find that it’s even better than the original.

Homemade Sriracha

For those who enjoy the flavors found in Sriracha, making your own Sriracha at home is an option. Although it requires effort, the process is not difficult and the result is a fresher, more flavorful Sriracha.

To make homemade Sriracha, you will need a food processor and a mixture of jalapeno peppers, garlic, sugar, salt, and vinegar. The exact proportions will vary depending on your personal preferences. Simply combine all of the ingredients in the food processor and blend until smooth.

Once the mixture is blended, transfer it to a clean glass jar and store it in the fridge.

The ratio to use with your own homemade sriracha is a 1:1 ratio. This means that for every tablespoon of Sriracha you use, you will use a tablespoon of the homemade mixture.


What Is a Mild Substitute for Sriracha?

A good mild replacement for Sriracha sauce would be sweet chili sauce or chili garlic sauce. Both aren’t as hot as Sriracha, but it does have a good flavor and some heat.

Another mild option for those looking for a sriracha alternative is gochujang. It has a sweet, spicy flavor that makes it great to add to a variety of recipes.

What Is a Dry Substitute for Sriracha?

The dry substitute for Sriracha is red pepper flakes. They provide a good amount of heat and flavor to dishes. Another option would be cayenne pepper, which has a slightly different flavor than red pepper flakes but still packs a punch.

If you’re looking for something with a bit more kick, try Habanero peppers. These peppers pack a serious punch and are perfect for those who like their food with a little extra heat.

Is Sriracha Sauce And Hot Sauce The Same?

Yes, Sriracha sauce and hot sauce are the same. They are both made with peppers and vinegar and have a similar heat level. However, the term hot sauce is used to describe a variety of sauces, while Sriracha is specifically a Thai hot sauce.

There are different types of hot sauces, so if you’re looking for a specific flavor profile, be sure to read the label before purchasing.

Can I Swap Sweet Chili Sauce For Sriracha?

Yes, you can swap sweet chili sauce for Sriracha. However, the two sauces have different flavors. Sweet chili sauce is sweeter and has a more subtle heat level than Sriracha sauce. So it’s best to only use it in recipes where spiciness isn’t needed.

Can you make a sriracha substitute with ketchup?

You may substitute Sriracha with ketchup. Replace 1 tsp of sriracha with 1/2 tsp of ketchup and tabasco or any other hot sauce.

Is sriracha substitute tabasco a viable option?

Tabasco is another suitable option for a sriracha substitute. It is a hot sauce made with tabasco peppers, vinegar, and salt. Like Sriracha, it has a spicy flavor that can be added to a variety of dishes.

What is a healthy substitute for sriracha?

A healthy substitute for sriracha is Sambal Oelek, the flavor is slightly different than sriracha, but it is a great condiment to have on hand. Another good option is gochujang, which has a sweet, spicy flavor. It is perfect for adding to a variety of recipes.

Is there Sriracha without garlic?

Sambal Oelek is the substitute for Sriracha that you’ll want to use if you want to avoid the garlic flavor of Sriracha.


So there you have it – 15 substitutes for sriracha sauce. Whether you’re looking for a different flavor profile or are in need of a sauce with more heat, one of these options is sure to fit the bill. So the next time you’re out of sriracha, don’t panic – there are plenty of other sauces out there that will do the trick.

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