Can you microwave your McDonald’s coffee?

Somedays I wake up and instantly feel the need to have my caffeine boost so I grab a cup of coffee from Mcdonald’s. One day I was bombarded with tasks and now the coffee remained on the sides, all cold and untouched. 

After completing the tasks I came back to a cup of coffee that needed to be reheated. I pondered, “Is it safe to microwave Mcdonald’s coffee cups?” It did not register many precautions and I put it in the microwave without much thought.

After two minutes I took it out and saw what a disaster I had caused. I should not have microwaved it. I immediately googled it and saw how there had been hundreds like me who had faced the same problem. 

Sadly, a simple search might have answered my questions aptly. So here I am writing to answer whether it is advised to reheat your Mcdonald’s cup of coffee in the microwave.

I will be sharing what I have found in my quest to reheat my coffee. 

Can you microwave Mcdonald’s coffee cups?

No, you cannot microwave a Mcdonald’s coffee cup to reheat your coffee. The cups are designed to hold the coffee for some time and keep it hot but not for long. 

The cups can be used to transport the coffee right after you have bought it to drink. Once the coffee gets cold it is advised not to use the same cup in the microwave.

Furthermore, you should not microwave your coffee in the Mcdonald’s coffee cup because reheated Mcdonald’s coffee tastes terrible. The heat ruins the aroma and the texture of the coffee which makes the taste highly different from what it originally was.

How to tell if the Mcdonald’s coffee cup is safe or not?

Mostly, it is written on the cup if the coffee cup is microwave-safe or not but if you want to experiment and see for yourself if the cup is safe, you can.

Take some water in the cup and put it in the microwave for thirty seconds, if the water is heating up, the cup is microwave safe and if it is not, the cup is harmful. 

Most of the coffee cups, different multinational brands like Starbucks and many local brands around the world, use plastic cups in their sales. All of them are harmful if they use plastic and have the sign of ‘not microwave safe’ on them. 

If it is not written on the cup, you check the website of the coffee brand, these companies have whole teams dedicated to public safety.

What are the Mcdonald’s coffee cups made of?

The make of the Mcdonald’s coffee cup uses industrial plastic inside to prevent leaking. This sort of plastic is known to react badly to the heat of the microwave. It could melt or release toxins that cause leukaemia. 

Mcdonald’s coffee cups look like they are made of cardboard paper but they have been glued together with plastic and cardboard paper to hold the coffee and keep it warm for some time. 

So when you heat it, it could melt the glue and ruin the build of the cup. 

While it can withstand the heat of the coffee for some time, the microwave can make it melt. This heat will lead to the chemicals being leached into the coffee.

How do you microwave Mcdonald’s coffee “safely”?

As it has been established, heating the coffee in the Mcdonald’s coffee cup is a really bad idea but there are ways to reheat your coffee in a microwave. You can follow these steps to ensure you reheat your coffee in the microwave:

  1. Find a microwave-safe glass or ceramic mug and transfer the coffee to it. You can use plastic if it is BPA-free and microwavable.
  2. Put it in the microwave and heat it in four turns, thirty seconds each. The taste of the coffee can be preserved using low heat. So make sure you use low heat.
  3. In the intervals between thirty seconds make sure you stir the coffee to make the heating more even.
  4. When the heating is done, use a glove to take it out as the cup is hot to touch with bare hands. 
  5.  Lastly, enjoy your freshly reheated brew.

How long does Mcdonald’s coffee last?

As far as the shelf life of a Mcdonald’s cup of coffee is concerned, you can store your Mcdonald’s coffee in the fridge for up to two weeks. 

However, if the coffee contains dairy products such as lattes, the coffee should be refrigerated as soon as possible. A two-hour rule must be followed. 

Furthermore, it has been advised by the USDA to refrigerate any consumable dairy items as soon as you are done drinking them for the time being. 

So to enjoy your brew for a longer time, make sure to refrigerate it. You can later take it out and reheat it to enjoy it. 

Tips about microwaving a Mcdonald’s cup of coffee

Mcdonald’s coffee cups are designed to hold the coffee to go. It does not ensure that the temperature of the coffee will remain the same. Generally, the cup will hold your coffee at roughly the same temperature for about an hour. It depends on the surrounding temperature.

However, here are a few things to keep in mind when reheating your favorite cup of brew:

  • The heat of the microwave needs to be adjusted depending on the contents of the coffee. A dairy-containing cup of coffee should be heated at 165 Fahrenheit. 
  • The reheating of the dairy causes a halt in the growth of the bacteria.
  • When reheating, always start with low heat and gradually increase it. This strategy prevents the scalding of the dairy.
  • Always use a lidless microwave-safe mug.

Is it healthy to microwave the Mcdonald’s coffee?

No, it is not healthy to microwave the Mcdonald’s coffee. If you microwave it in the same plastic cup, definitely not. 

On the other hand, if you reheat it in a microwave-safe mug, the health concerns are relatively lesser while your taste buds will have to suffer more. 

The reheating may destroy the aroma and the texture of the coffee. So if you are someone who likes to preserve the taste and aroma of the coffee, it might get a bit difficult for you. My first advice will be to enjoy it when it is fresh and not keep it for later.

Furthermore, there have always been doubts over the use of plastics cups in storing hot beverages. If the plastic is BPA-free, you can store your Mcdonald’s cup of coffee otherwise carry a ceramic travel mug with you. 

Firstly,  the ceramic mug has no harmful effects related to the chemicals that could leech into your coffee. It is deemed one of the healthiest ways of consuming hot beverages while being reusable and economical.

Secondly, this will also help you become more environmentally positive. As it lowers your carbon footprint. While plastic increases your carbon footprint and is detrimental to the environment as well.


So to answer your question, yes you can reheat your Mcdonald’s coffee using a microwave but not in the Mcdonald’s coffee cup. The coffee cup can melt and create complications for you.

To safely reheat it in a microwave, use a microwave-safe mug. Furthermore, store your coffee in the refrigerator when not drinking and stir it while heating up as described above. 

Honestly, it is advised to drink your Mcdonald’s coffee as soon as possible when it is made but you always can reheat it “safely” if you have to. Just make sure you follow the instructions and not make the same mistakes as I did. 

Let’s go get you a reheated cup of coffee!

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