Can You Microwave Eggnog? (The Truth You Must Know)

When you think of Christmas or snowy winters, you think of whether you can microwave eggnog. There are also a lot of other Christmas dinners and hot beverages. But one of the best drinks to keep you warm during those snowy evenings is good ol’ eggnog.

Eggnog has been widely popular since its invention tracing back to the thirteenth century Britain. It is a creamy, sweet, spicy drink that contains eggs, sugar, milk, and spirits like rum or whiskey. It is a drink that can warm you up even on the coldest days due to its high fat content.

Furthermore, eggnog is one of those drinks that can be taken cold and hot. There are a lot of people who prefer both cold and hot, the opinions are divided. I had been the one on the cold side until my husband warmed up eggnog in the microwave and gave me a taste.

Since then I haven’t given up warming up eggnog in the microwave and knew other people might be wondering if you can safely reheat it using a microwave.

So in this article, I’ll go over all the details and answer every question you may have.

Can you microwave eggnog?

Yes, you can heat eggnog in the microwave. People often use the microwave to reheat eggnog because it is a winter drink that many people like to be warm on a cold day. Moreover, using a microwave is one of the quickest ways to heat up your eggnog.

Due to the high-fat content of eggnog, it is relatively easy to make it more creamy and it retains that creamy texture even after microwaving. For that, you need to know how to heat it.

To microwave eggnog, you need to make sure it has been stored and refrigerated properly. After heating it, you can serve eggnog with your favorite topping of whipped cream, cinnamon, or nutmeg spices.

Do you Need to Microwave Eggnog?

All of it comes down to personal preference but for best results, you should warm up eggnog in the microwave first. It can also be served with ice cubes or cold but for warm eggnog opt for a microwave.

Warm eggnog is enjoyable on cold days. To warm up your eggnog, heat it in the microwave at 30-second intervals until you achieve the desired temperature.

Warmed-up eggnog has a thick consistency and tastes like a liquid dessert. The dessert consistency might also be the reason that children enjoy it as much as adults.

How to microwave eggnog?

It is perfectly fine to heat eggnog in a microwave. You just have to follow the right instructions while keeping in mind the ingredients of eggnog.

Just always keep in mind that special ingredients require special treatment. For best results and consistency, follow the following steps:

  1. Store your eggnog in a container inside a refrigerator. This will keep it fresh and ready to be microwaved whenever needed.
  2. Always use a microwave-safe container to reheat eggnog in the microwave. Using a plastic cup or a styrofoam mug is harmful as it can release harmful carcinogenic chemicals in the eggnog.
  3. Adjust the microwave to medium power rather than full power. Low heat is required to warm up eggnog. High heat can spoil the eggnog.
  4. Heat the eggnog at low heat, stirring it after each interval of thirty seconds to prevent curdling. Do not bring the eggnog to a boil as it messes with the egg present in it.
  5. You can make eggnog without an egg too.
  6. After it is sufficiently heated up, serve with a sprinkle of cinnamon and whipped cream.

What goes on inside eggnog when microwaved?

People prefer heated eggnog to cold ones for a reason. The heat enables the spices’ fragrance to be released, making the texture smoother and silkier.

While high heat may cause the eggnog to curdle, low-medium warmth and constant stirring are essential.

Furthermore, adults can drink eggnog with added rum as well. It is primarily a very warm drink for a cold day so adding rum adds to that warmth.

What is the best way to heat eggnogs?

There are two ways of heating your eggnog, the stove, and the microwave. Both of these methods offer different advantages. 

For those short on time, the microwave can offer a solution as it heats the eggnog in 2 to 4 minutes while the stove can take up to 10 minutes. Pour the eggnog into a microwave-safe mug and heat it while whisking it at 30-second intervals to maintain a creamy texture and even heat.

Is microwave heated eggnog bad for you?

Eggnog is generally on the less healthy side of the spectrum because of its high fat and cholesterol content. That is understandable because of its festive status. 

So as long as it is heated in a microwave-safe container, it is not bad for you anymore than it was before.

The usage of milk, eggs, cream, and sugar makes eggnog a generally loaded drink that should be consumed with care. However, the microwave does not add to any of the harms.

How long can you store eggnog and microwave it?

You can store homemade eggnog for 2-3 days in the refrigerator after you made it however, you can also get canned eggnog which lasts for up to 6 months. 

Storing it safely and appropriately can help you preserve the taste and the texture of eggnog.

You can always microwave it and drink it with a chocolate topping as long as it is within the expiry date.

How to tell if the eggnog has gone bad?

The eggnog can show signs of going bad. Good eggnog is custardy and creamy in texture and it smells like vanilla and cinnamon.

If the eggnog has gone lumpy and has curdled up it should not be consumed. If there is a sour and unpleasant odor coming from it, it has gone bad. The color of eggnog is another sign if it has changed from a beige hue to another hue, it has gone bad.

Conclusively, in case of the manifestation of any of these signs, the eggnog should be immediately discarded and no attempt to microwave should be made.

Tips to know when making or consuming eggnog

Eggnog is one of those drinks that is preferred to be fresh and hot. Firstly, It is a drink for the colder months so storing it is not ideal. 

Secondly, making it fresh and then consuming it with freshly picked ingredients is the best way of enjoying its benefits.

Thirdly, the drink can be quite delicate to make so good care must be taken when adding ingredients and making it.

Lastly, take extra precautions when reheating or heating it, extra heat can be detrimental to the recipe.


Eggnog is a festive drink that can help you keep warm on a winter afternoon. Both adults and children can enjoy it.

Adults can add alcohol while children have a variety of options such as chocolate and whipped cream. In any case, the effect will be the same: warmth and joy.

To make it you need simple ingredients such as egg, milk, cream, and spices. Whisk them and heat the mixture for the best taste.

Furthermore, make sure you heat it in a microwave-safe container to prevent any toxins from leeching into eggnog. Heat it in intervals to prevent curdling up of the mixture.

Remember to store it in a refrigerator if you intend to drink it later, canned eggnog is also available during the winter season and has a longer shelf life but nothing beats the homemade recipe for many.

Lastly, follow all the aforementioned tips and guidance to get the best out of your eggnog through a microwave. Have fun with your family in the colder part of the year with a drink to warm you up. Eggnog will get you right in the winter spirits.

I wish you all a very good and warm egg nogging!


Can you warm up homemade eggnog?

Yes, you can warm up homemade eggnog. The best way to do it is by using the stovetop method and gently heating the eggnog until it reaches your desired temperature. Avoid boiling it as it can cause the eggnog to curdle.

Can you heat up store-bought eggnog?

Yes, you can heat up store-bought eggnog in the same way you would warm up homemade eggnog. The best method is to use the stovetop and heat it gently until it reaches your desired temperature. You can also use a microwave, but be careful not to overheat it.

How do you make a warm eggnog cocktail?

To make a warm eggnog cocktail, heat up your desired amount of eggnog until it reaches a warm temperature. Then, add in your choice of liquor such as rum or brandy and top it with nutmeg or cinnamon. Enjoy your warm and comforting eggnog cocktail this holiday season.

Is it okay to boil eggnog?

No, it is not okay to boil eggnog. Boiling it can cause the eggnog to curdle and ruin the texture and flavor. Instead, gently heat the eggnog on the stovetop until it reaches your desired temperature.

Can you warm up eggnog in the microwave?

Yes, you can warm up eggnog in the microwave. However, be careful not to overheat it as it can cause the eggnog to curdle. Microwave it in short intervals, stirring in between, until it reaches your desired temperature.

What is the best way to warm up eggnog?

The best way to warm up eggnog is by using the stovetop method. Gently heat the eggnog on the stove until it reaches your desired temperature, while stirring it continuously. Avoid boiling it as it can cause the eggnog to curdle.

Is hot eggnog better than cold eggnog?

It is a matter of personal preference. Some people prefer hot eggnog during the holiday season as it is a warm and comforting drink, while others prefer it cold. Try both and see which one you prefer.

What is the ideal temperature for warm eggnog?

The ideal temperature for warm eggnog is around 130-140°F (54-60°C). At this temperature, the eggnog is warm and comforting, but not too hot that it would burn your mouth.

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