How to microwave soft boiled eggs?

Are you short on time and looking out for hacks to bring out the perfect soft-boiled eggs in seconds? If yes, then let’s be assured we’ve got your back!

We know the fastest escape is microwave soft-boiled eggs. Having said that, there is nothing quite horrible than cleaning the scattered bits and pieces of an exploded microwave egg. The good news is, all your concerns ranging from “how to microwave soft-boiled eggs” to “is it safe in the first place to microwave eggs” are covered in this article.

Microwave soft-boiled eggs are an ultimate time saver when compared to conventional methods. You no longer would need to stand at the stove for a good 15 minutes every time you crave an egg. Not to mention, microwave soft-boiled eggs can be cooked ahead of time and safely stored for up to 2 days. Oh, did we mention how you’d save yourself from cleaning the pots and pans as you’d only be needing a single microwave-safe bowl?

Sounds cool, right! As you might guess, there’s no rocket science behind cooking the perfect soft-boiled eggs in the microwave. It’s all about understanding your microwave and following a few important tips that we’ve discussed in detail below. The goal is to get a firm white and delicious runny yolk with minimum effort. Now let’s get started into reading and become a pro at making microwave soft-boiled eggs.

Is it safe to make boiled eggs in the microwave?

Although the internet is full of horror stories of boiled eggs exploding in the microwave, it’s completely safe to make boiled eggs in the microwave. However, it’s important to note that it’s safe as long as you do it the right way.

While some people suggest poking holes into the eggs to prevent the explosion. Others insist on adding salt in addition to the pricks. However, we’ve discovered that you only need to add salt to the water while microwaving eggs. Or simply poke one hole at the base of the egg, in case you opt for the pricking technique.

By any chance, if you happen to forget any of the above-mentioned techniques, chances are the eggs might explode. This happens when the eggshell can no longer bear the rising pressure inside, which makes it explode. Another great tip is to keep the eggs in hot water for around 30 seconds after they’re microwaved. This will ensure the eggs are evenly cooked.

How to Microwave Soft-Boiled Eggs

Microwaving soft-boiled eggs seems a bit intimidating, but only until you get hold of the right techniques. Our tried and tested tips and tricks on how to microwave soft-boiled eggs will make you forget about cooking eggs on the stove.

If you want to microwave soft-boiled eggs, grab a microwave-safe bowl, and place the eggs inside it. Pour in boiling water into the bowl until the eggs are completely submerged in the water. A pro tip: Your eggs need to be placed half an inch below the hot water.

The next step is to add a half teaspoon of salt for each egg. This step is crucial to avoid exploding eggs. Besides, not only does the salt help in cooking the eggs evenly, but it also makes them easier to peel. Cover the mouth of the bowl with plastic wrap and carefully place the bowl into your microwave. Microwave the eggs for 30 seconds and take out the bowl.

Now, wait for around 30 seconds before uncovering the plastic wrap. At this stage, if you find out the eggs are undercooked, cover them again, and microwave for another 10 seconds. After the eggs are done, place them into a bowl of cold water. This step will prevent the eggs from cooking any further.

How long does it take to boil eggs in the microwave?

The time for microwaving soft-boiled eggs may vary from microwave to microwave. For instance, factors like your microwave wattage, cavity size, and the required consistency of the egg yolk play an important role in deciding the cooking time.

If you’re using a 1000w microwave, the cooking time is 30 seconds on high power. However, if you’re using a microwave having a slightly higher or lower wattage, adjust the time accordingly.

Please note that the boiling time will significantly vary with the number of eggs. From our experience, when we boiled a dozen eggs at a time, it took us 2 minutes on high power. On the contrary, a single soft-boiled egg only took 30 seconds in the microwave. The take-home message is to note the time it takes to cook the perfect soft-boiled egg according to your microwave specifications.


There’s not a speck of doubt that microwave soft-boiled eggs are a game-changer in the culinary world. Getting a perfect soft-boiled egg, firm white, and runny yolk, without using a stove or boiling pot, is the goal that we’ve mastered through this guide. However, it’s crucial to use a microwave-safe bowl while making microwave soft-boiled eggs.

Adding the right amount of salt, and completely submerging the eggs in the hot water is equally important. Before you microwave, make sure to cover the bowl with plastic wrap to keep the heat trapped inside. Moreover, you need to play around the cooking time for your desired consistency of eggs. Last but not the least, every microwave is different from another in terms of wattage, capacity, and power. So, you most likely have to adjust the cooking time as required.

Now that you know how to microwave soft-boiled eggs like a pro, you can save up a good 10 minutes of your routine waiting for the water to boil over the stove. Since you made this far into reading this guide, we assume you’d love to read other time-saving egg hacks on our website. Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter for free egg recipes with a twist to add more flavor, color, and variation to your everyday meals.

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