How can you make Hot Pockets Crispy in Microwave

Are you looking for a way to make your Hot Pockets crispy? Do you want to know how to make them taste better? In this article, we will provide you with tips and tricks on how to make your microwaved Hot Pockets taste great every time. So keep reading!

Can you make Hot Pockets Crispy in Microwave?

Yes, you can make Hot pockets crispy in Microwave. It’s basic. These frozen goodies are painless and designed explicitly for Microwave. Likewise, they are pre-cooked. Hot Pockets often come in variable flavors with the contrasting filling of ingredients such as Pizza, Meat, Cheese, and vegetables.

It’s quick to Microwave the Hot Pockets because the stuffing is pre-cooked and does not consume more time. Despite this, pay attention to the mentioned recipe behind the box of Hot pockets for equal cooking and maintain the internal temperature to Microwave the Hot Pockets between 72 degrees Fahrenheit to 165 degrees Fahrenheit.

Besides this, the continuance of Internal temperature is the key in preparing the Hot Pockets crispy and soft. Keep the Hot Pockets at arm’s length that haven’t reached the safe internal temperature.

However, Hot Pockets have varying varieties. I have tried the cheese and chicken filling Hot pockets, and if you are also a chicken lover or vegetarian, these two varieties are a must-try.

How Hot Pockets are made Crispy in Microwave?

To make the Hot Pockets Crispy in Microwave, remove the covering around Hot Pockets, place them on the crisper pan, cover with the lid, and then Microwave for 2 minutes. If your Microwave has 1100 wattage, it will take 2 minutes, but if the wattage is lower, 3-4 minutes are required.

For instance, If you are trying to make Hot Pockets crispy, remove the wrapping first, place them on the crisper pan, cover with the lid, and then nuke for 2 minutes for only 1 Hot pocket. Similarly, If you are trying to make 2 Hot pockets, you have to microwave them for 4 minutes.

Moreover, for the best results, try to nuke one Hot Pocket at a time. However, before consuming Hot Pockets, allow them to cool down to maintain the internal temperature so they would be crispier from outside and gooey from inside.

Is it safe to make Hot Pockets Crispy in Microwave?

It’s completely safe to make the Hot Pockets in the Microwave along with crispier results, given the fact the stuffing of the ingredients is pre-cooked, easy to Microwave, and in less time, they are ready to eat.

Conversely, the plastic wrapping on the Hot Pockets is not Microwave friendly, and it’s necessary to eliminate them. For ensuring safety measures, remove the plastic covering from the Hot Pockets as they have cancerous chemicals that can lead to dangerous diseases and get imbibed by the food.

In addition to it, I prefer using ceramic and glassware crockery for Microwave the Hot Pockets. Similarly, the glassware size should be broad enough to avoid the mess from exploding Hot Pockets and allow accessible movement in the Microwave.

Simultaneously, having a lid or cover at the top of the glassware is equally foremost as it helps in rapid heating and protects against electromagnetic radiations of the Microwave.

How long does it take to make Hot Pockets Crispy in Microwave?

It depends upon the number of Hot Pockets you are cooking in the Microwave and the wattage of the Microwave. It usually takes 2 minutes to nuke one Hot Pocket. But for two or more than two would require 4 to 8 minutes to get the perfect results.

The recommended time for Hot pockets to make them fresh and crispier is 2 minutes, and it’s suitable for the Microwave with 1100 wattage power. Furthermore, adjust the heat setting to lower ability if you have a low wattage microwave than 1100.

Here are the quick instructions:

Cooking time for 1100 wattage Microwave:

  •  For 1 Hot Pocket – 2 minutes
  • For  2 Hot Pockets – 3 minutes, 30 seconds

Cooking time for lower wattage Microwave:

  • For 1 Hot Pocket – 3 minutes, 10 seconds
  • For 2 Hot Pocket – 6 minutes, 60 seconds

How do you know when making Hot Pockets Crispy has done Microwave?

After following proper microwaving guidelines for making hot pockets crispy, the most apparent sign representing the doneness of Hot pockets is the emergence of brown color and crunchy texture to the Hot pockets.

If you use a preheated microwave-safe plate and place the Hot Pockets on it for the recommended period, it will lead you to the final doneness of the food. However, the preheated microwave-safe plate has a lid on it, which will reduce the heating duration and save you from a future exploding mess.

On the contrary, you will notice the brown color and the crispy texture of the Hot Pockets when they are thorough cook. For attaining the required tenderness in the Hot Pockets, you can also heat them more than the recommended time or within the declared time.


“If the Hot Pockets become soft or soggy, then to eliminate this factor, keep the Hot Pocket at room temperature for a few minutes and dry the excess ice particles from it; by doing so, you can microwave the Hot Pockets without turning them doughy.”

Tips and instructions to make Hot Pockets Crispy in Microwave

Cooking time for microwaving Hot Pockets is directly proportional to the Microwave’s wattage. So, whenever you are trying to get your Hot Pockets crispy in a Microwave, you have to follow these tips and directions mentioned below:

Uniform cooking time:

Insurance of the uniform cooking period is the fundamental step for getting the crunchier Hot Pockets.

Optimum cooking temperature:

The heating temperature should be 74 degrees Fahrenheit to 165 degrees Fahrenheit to avoid indulging in unhealthy future conditions.

Use of Crisper Pan:

Similarly, for crispy Hot Pockets, try heating more than recommended duration, exceptionally without a crisper pan.

Use of lid and cover:

You can also use the microwave-safe plate, tray, and other ceramic glassware by covering it with the lid to get crisped results.

Use of Tongs and Kitchen Gloves:

Use the tongs and Kitchen gloves while microwaving hot types of equipment.

Allow it to stand:

Let the Hot Pockets simmer for a few minutes to prevent burning your tongue.

Shaking of ingredients:

For equal cooking of inside ingredients and outside crust, shake the Hot Pockets after short gaps to benefit even distribution of heat and continue microwaving.

Wrap Up

In all honesty, to make Hot Pockets crispy remove the plastic and crisper sleeve from them and place them on the crisper pan, seal with the lid or cover, set the microwave power high, and nuke for 2 minutes. Hot Pockets are the easiest snack on the go and a good choice for eating something healthy and nutritional.

Microwaving such frozen turnover is a painless technique, so why hold up this soon? Grab your Hot Pocket goodie box and start cooking them in the Microwave.

It is the simplest and most fun-loving way to fight your hunger pangs. Overall, you have learned all the super quick techniques to make the Hot Pockets crispy in the Microwave. Now it’s time to call in action. Happy Microwaving!

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