How To Microwave Scrambled Eggs With Butter (Simple Steps)

A lot of people are skeptical about cooking scrambled eggs with butter in a microwave. Well, I was too. I thought eggs should only be cooked on stovetops not until I realized it took too much time (and yes, I usually wake up late – don’t judge me).

Scrambled egg with butter is my favorite kind of breakfast. So, I took the risk of trying to cook (not just reheat) it in the microwave.

I needed to do several tries, cook dozens of eggs (and eat them all – the best part of experimenting with food), burn myself because I wasn’t careful (don’t be me), imagine myself as a top-level chef, and eventually… it worked!

With that, this article will show you everything you need to know when microwaving your scrambled eggs with butter.

All you need is the right materials and ingredients and just 2 minutes or less of your time (yes, it’s that quick!).

So, let’s not make our stomachs wait any longer. Let’s go!

Can you microwave scrambled eggs with butter?

Yes! You can always microwave your scrambled eggs with butter. It’s a really quick and easy way to prepare them.

Plus, it saves you from the effort and hassle that stovetop cooking usually gives you (Washing pans and oil splashing on you occasionally? Hmm, no thanks!)

Additionally, microwaving scrambled eggs with butter is also healthy. Eggs are jam-packed with a lot of nutrients like protein and iron as well as vitamins like vitamin D and B-12, and omega-3 fats.

The nutritional value of your scrambled eggs with butter will not be lessened or destroyed if you cook them in the microwave. So, you don’t have to worry about it.

Is it safe to microwave scrambled eggs with butter?

Absolutely! It is perfectly safe to microwave your scrambled eggs with butter. And yes, it will cook thoroughly.

Raw eggs are not safe to eat. That’s why you need to make sure that you cook your scrambled egg with butter properly when using the microwave (don’t worry, we’ll be talking about this later on).

Also, no eggs will be exploding along the process (no egg fireworks for anyone, sadly.). Eggs tend to explode inside the microwave if you heat them with their shells or if you don’t break or puncture their yolks when microwaving them sunny-side-up.

So, if you decide to cook eggs in a microwave, then scrambled eggs with butter is the way to go. No explosions, no mess, just buttery and creamy eggs (this is making me hungry already).

Will microwaving scrambled eggs with butter affect their taste and texture?

Nope, microwaving your scrambled eggs with butter will not affect their taste and texture. It will be just as good as the eggs you cook using your stovetop.

Of course, you need to make sure your microwave is clean so that any foul odors won’t transfer to your scrambled eggs with butter (yep, please clean your microwaves, everyone!). I assume we all want our eggs to taste like…well, eggs (what else?).

One thing you do need to take note of is that you don’t have a lot of control when cooking your eggs in the microwave unlike when using your stovetop.

Scrambled eggs with butter can easily dry out and possibly be overcooked if you are not careful enough.

With that, do make sure that you keep an eye on your eggs while microwaving them so that they still turn out great.

What are the ingredients and materials that you need to microwave scrambled eggs with butter?

You don’t need any complicated items when microwaving your scrambled eggs with butter. You can easily find them in your home or in grocery stores around you.

For the materials, all you need are the following:

  1. Microwave
  2. Microwavable bowls
  3. Fork or whisk
  4. Ramekins (optional but highly recommended)
  5. Cooking brush (optional)
  6. Serving plate (or not – maybe you just want to eat your eggs straight from the bowl. Your choice!)

Now, for the ingredients, here’s what you essentially need:

  1. Eggs
  2. Butter (salted or unsalted – it depends on you)
  3. Salt, pepper, and other seasonings (optional – added to enhance the taste)

The proportion I usually do is ½ tablespoon of butter for each 1 large egg. So, if you’re going to follow this, then just freely adjust it depending on how many eggs you want to cook.

But honestly, that’s just my preference. So yes, you can freely add more butter to 1 egg. Go for 1 tablespoon or more if you feel like it. Just make sure your egg cooks thoroughly.

Also, you can add other ingredients of your choice like:

  • Milk or water
  • Cheese
  • Onions
  • Anything that cooks easily

I tried putting 1 tablespoon of milk for each 1 egg so that it doesn’t dry out quickly and it was even better (again, you can add more – just make sure it doesn’t turn your eggs into soup). Water is also a good alternative to milk.

You may also add cheese like parmesan or cheddar to add more flavor and texture to your scrambled eggs with butter. I also tried putting onions one time and it turned out fine.

How long do you microwave scrambled eggs with butter?

It only takes 2 minutes or less than that to microwave your scrambled eggs with butter. You read it right. Breakfast (or lunch or dinner, who cares?) will be ready within just minutes!

Of course, several factors affect how long you need to microwave your scrambled eggs with butter. One of them is the wattage of the microwave you are using.

The microwave I am using at home has a wattage of 1000. With this, I was able to cook my scrambled eggs with butter within just 2 minutes.

So, if your microwave has a lower wattage (say, around 800 watts), then you should expect that your scrambled eggs with butter will take longer to cook. Don’t worry because we’ll be talking about how you can properly microwave them later (no matter the wattage of your microwave.)

Another thing that will affect how much time you’re going to spend microwaving your scrambled eggs with butter is how many eggs you want to cook.

If you’re just going to cook 1 scrambled egg, then it’ll be good within 2 minutes or less. But if you’re going to cook more than that, then you’ll need to spend more time as well.

Remember that you need to make sure it is cooked through properly. So, let’s just be a bit patient (it’s going to be worth it, I promise.).

How to microwave scrambled eggs with butter?

Microwaving your scrambled eggs with butter requires only a few simple steps that you can easily follow. Within a few minutes, you’ll now have your favorite meal ready for you to eat.

Here’s how it goes:

  1. Prepare all the materials and ingredients that you need to microwave your scrambled eggs with butter (mentioned earlier).
  2. Put your butter in your microwavable bowl.
  3. Put your bowl in the microwave and set its heat setting to high.
  4. Microwave your butter for 30 seconds until it melts.
  5. While waiting for your butter to melt, get your other materials and ingredients to prepare the scrambled egg.
  6. Crack open 1 egg on a ramekin and see if it is still fresh.

The egg white should be clear and pearly-white and the egg yolk should be yellow and whole.

Throw it immediately if it has turned black or gives off a foul odor. Change your ramekin as well

  1. If the egg is fresh, pour it into a bowl.
  2. Repeat steps 6 and 7 if you’re going to cook more than 1 egg.
  3. Fluff the eggs using a fork or whisk. Add some salt, pepper, and other seasonings of your choice. Add milk or water as well if you want to.
  4. Remove your bowl of butter from the microwave.
  5. Spread your melted butter around the insides of its bowl.

You may use a cooking brush to do this or you may just tilt the bowl in a circular motion until the inside is fully covered in butter.

This is to make sure your eggs don’t stick to your bowl.

  1. Pour your fluffed egg into the buttered bowl and put it back in the microwave. You don’t need to cover it.
  2. Set your microwave to 70% power (high setting) and let your eggs cook for 30 seconds
  3. After 30 seconds, open your microwave and stir your eggs so that heat is distributed evenly (be careful and don’t burn yourself).

If you want to add some cheese or other ingredients to your eggs, then put it in at this point.

  1. Put your eggs back in the microwave and let them cook again for another 30 to 45 seconds then stir it again after the given time.
  2. Repeat step 15 as necessary.
  3. Once fully cooked, remove your bowl of eggs from the microwave and transfer them to a serving dish (or not).
  4. Enjoy it and make sure to consume it immediately.


And there you have your quick and easy meal! This article showed you how you can microwave your favorite scrambled eggs with butter in just 2 minutes as well as some helpful tips to make sure you do it right.

Now you don’t need to spend too much time cooking for breakfast (or any meals, seriously). All you need is your microwave and you’re ready to go!

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