How to Make Over Easy Eggs in Microwave

You may wonder how easy it is to make over-easy eggs in the microwave? Well, worry no further since we will show you how to make over-easy eggs in the microwave.

However, before I jump into the details, let me say that over-easy eggs make a rich protein meal. In addition, to enjoy the full benefits of this meal, you need to understand how to properly cook it in various ways, including in a microwave.

Cooking over-easy eggs in a microwave is easy. This article will teach you how to make over-easy eggs in a microwave without making a mess and achieving the best evenly cooked easy eggs.

What Exactly Is an Over Easy Egg?

Over easy eggs, in simple terms, are fried eggs. However, unlike the over-hard eggs where the yolk is cooked until it resembles a hard-boiled egg, an over-easy egg is cooked with an utterly liquid yolk.

There are also over medium and over hard eggs. This refers to how dense the yolk of the egg is. Therefore, over-easy eggs have the lightest yolks when cooked. Medium and hard eggs then follow with relatively harder yolks after cooking.

What’s the Distinction Between Over-Easy Eggs and Sunny-Side up Eggs?

The over-easy egg is prepared by quickly and lightly frying an egg on either side. This provides the top of the egg with a light seal. In addition, the egg also has a runny yolk.

On the other hand, sunny-side eggs are fried on one side only. As a result, the yolk is left entirely raw. In addition, the whites of the egg not only set barely, but they also have crispy sides.

When preparing both over-easy and sunny-side eggs, you follow similar steps. However, the only exception is using extra few seconds to prepare the over-easy eggs.

Steps to Make Over Easy Eggs in Microwave

Cooking over-easy eggs in a microwave is easy. Here are the steps that you can follow, and your cooking cannot surely get any simpler by following these steps

Step 1

Take a safe container for use in the microwave, primarily a bowl. Spray this bowl with cooking spray, which is optional, and gently spread cooking oil on the insides of the container.

Tip: Did you know that salt draws energy from a microwave? As a result, this helps distribute heat, thus ensuring food cooks evenly. Therefore, you can also spray a few grains of salt on the bottom of the container that you are using.

Step 2

Crack your eggs into the bowl. Season your eggs with some salt as well as pepper to taste.

Step 3

Prick the yolk of the eggs and the whites using a toothpick. Ensure that you prick the eggs down to the bottom until the toothpick touches the surface of the bowl.

Doing this will prevent the chances of your egg from exploding when it is cooking inside the microwave. You may as well season the eggs lightly with salt, and if you also like, add some pepper.

Step 4

Tuck your bowl with a piece of paper towel. This will trap steam while your egg is cooking. Consequently, your egg will cook evenly.

Step 5

Bring your eggs over to the microwave and cook for at least 30 seconds at medium temperature. Ensure that all whites are adequately set before you can remove your eggs from the microwave. The yolk should by now also be slightly cooked.

Tip: Watch the egg cooking and regulate time as necessary.

Step 6

Remove the egg from the microwave. Take off the paper towel that is covering the egg in the bowl. Gently and carefully slide the easy egg to a plate. Enjoy your meal hot.

How Can I Flip an Over-Easy Egg and Not Break the Yolk?

You can flip an over-easy egg. However, if you are not careful, you can break the yolk and thus damage the egg.

To flip an over-easy egg, you need the right spoon. A spatula spoon is the best type of spoon that you can use. Slide the spatula spoon under the side of the easy egg that is fried.

Lift the egg slowly and gently from the bowl. Carefully tip the spatula over the bowl. Once the uncooked side touches the bowl, completely lay down the entire egg yolk.

What Is the Distinction Between Over-Easy, Medium, and Hard Eggs?

Over-easy eggs have a yolk that is entirely runny. Over-hard eggs have a yolk that is fully cooked. On the other hand, over-medium eggs have whites that are firm as well as a slightly runny yolk, just like jam or jellies.

What Is the Distinction Between Over-Easy and Sunny Side-up Eggs?

The significant difference between the over-easy and sunny-side-up eggs is the method of preparation. Both have a similar preparation process, with just a slight difference in flipping.

You prepare the over-easy egg by frying the egg quickly on either side. This creates a slightly light seal on the upper part of the egg. In addition, the yolk is runny.

On the other hand, for the sunny-side-up egg, you fry the egg on one side only. However, the egg white usually has crispy sides.

To Sum It Up

Hey, now that is all there is on how to make over-easy eggs in the microwave. Over easy eggs are fried eggs cooked with a completely liquid yolk. Besides over-easy eggs, there are also over-medium and over-hard eggs.

It is easy to make over-easy eggs in a microwave. However, you need to follow the proper steps of making over-easy eggs in a microwave. Remember to use the suitable bowl, prick the yolk to avoid exploding, and monitor the egg as it is cooking since different microwaves have specific cooking times.

Now that you know how to make over-easy eggs in a microwave, go on and cook your over-easy eggs and enjoy!

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