How to Microwave Trader Joe’s Frozen Brown Rice Quickly

How to microwave Trader Joe’s frozen brown rice is not a weird question in today’s fast-paced world. If you, like the rest of us, are constantly busy yet have a desire to develop healthy eating habits, you most likely face a dilemma between these two demons:

  1.     Making unhealthy food choices by constantly eating out or ordering food; or
  2.     Spending hours in the kitchen when you would rather be doing something else.

No matter what decisions you have made in the past, the good news is you do not have to go with any of the choices above. Trust me. I’ve been down this road before, and once I started using the shortcut, which I am about to show you, my life became a lot easier. Whenever I stand in the center of my kitchen, hungry and with no time or energy to make a meal from scratch, I just go for the quickest, easiest and healthy option – microwaving Trader Joe’s frozen brown rice.

Is it delicious? Yes. Is it healthy? Yes. Is there a fast and efficient way to prepare Trader Joe’s frozen brown rice? Definitely! Keep reading for a complete and detailed guide on how to get perfectly microwaved frozen brown rice with great texture and taste, plus all the other things you need to know.  

How to Microwave Trader Joe’s Frozen Brown Rice?

Simply take the rice pouch out of the freezer and cut an opening in it, so that the steam can ventilate while microwaving. Place the rice pouch in the microwave with its seam side facing upwards, then microwave on medium-high for about three minutes. Let it sit for a minute or two before cutting open the pouch and transferring your perfectly cooked brown rice into a bowl.

It is important to note that microwaved Trader Joe’s frozen rice is extremely steamy. Before you remove the pouch from the microwave and open its seal, allow the steam to evaporate, so as not to burn your fingers.

Then cut the seam of the microwaved pouch, fluff the contents with a fork and then pour into a dish to serve. If you are using a container instead of the pouch the rice normally comes in, make sure you use a loose-fitting lid or one that has vent holes in it, to enable the steam to escape, while microwaving.

Using this method ensures your defrosted brown rice comes out fluffy and tender in texture, with a delicious taste. There are so many different ways to eat this nutritious whole grain.

You can add it to a wide range of vegetables and salads, and use it as a base for a steamed mushroom meal. You can stir fry it with frozen veggies to make a quick veggie fried rice or you could add it to a soup, sauce or stew.

You could also add butter and salt for a nice flavor. It is up to you. The possibilities are endless.

If by now you are feeling like you know everything you need to know about microwaving Trader Joe’s rice, hold on. Sometimes, it is the easy things that we fail at because we often underestimate the process and fail to take adequate precautions.

So, be patient and read to the end, so that you can be armed with enough knowledge to quell all your doubts and zoom off on your Trader Joe’s frozen brown rice journey without any limitations.

Here are the answers to a few more questions likely tugging at your heart.


It is safe to microwave Trader Joe’s frozen brown rice because the plastic pouch in which the rice comes is considered microwave-safe. Although some people, in favor of stovetop cooking, believe that microwaving food can cause it to lose its nutrients, this is not true. Using a microwave will not damage your food nutrients any more than a stovetop will.

This applies to all kinds of food, especially microwavable rice. We all know that it normally takes rice a long time to be ready. Therefore, microwaving Trader Joe’s frozen brown rice, which is pre-boiled and perfectly packaged for storage, is an easy route to take when you do not want to go through the hassle of preparing rice from scratch.

If you do not have a microwave or still have reservations about using it to cook your food, let us consider another option – stovetops.


The answer is yes. Trader Joe’s frozen brown rice is packaged in a microwave-safe pouch, with instructions on how to microwave it. But that does not mean that you cannot cook it on a stovetop, or that it won’t come out well if you do so. You only need to follow the appropriate steps.

To cook your frozen brown rice on a stove, first, pour the rice into a saucepan or pot. Then pour a little water into it to rehydrate. Keep adding water until it is evenly steamed.

This is the best way to make sure the flavor and texture of the rice are retained, just like what you would get when you microwave it.

However, I must state that the best way to cook Trader Joe’s frozen brown rice is by microwaving it. It is simply the quickest and easiest method to achieve a delicious result.

You will not need to use any pots and pans or tend to the food while it is cooking, so it does not overcook and become dry. The process will be fast and smooth.


It takes only 3 minutes to heat up Trader Joe’s frozen brown rice. Since it is already pre-cooked, it takes very little time to be ready.

Normally, most people would rather choose to eat brown rice over white rice, because it is healthier, with far more nutrients, and is cheaper to purchase. However, the downside is that brown rice takes such a long time to make, that by the time you finish thinking of making the rice from scratch, you are already tired and discouraged by how much effort and time it is going to take.

Microwaving Trader Joe’s frozen brown rice is a shortcut you can take if you are faced with this problem. It is the simplest, quickest meal prep method you can employ in preparing a rice dish.


As simple as this process is, things can go wrong if you do not follow the right steps, so make sure you keep the following tips at the back of your mind when microwaving frozen brown rice from Trader Joe’s:

  1.  Before you put the rice in the microwave, cut a ¼-long opening in the brown rice pouch to enhance the venting process and release steam.
  2.  If you prefer to use a glass or ceramic dish in the microwave, add two tablespoons of water and then cover it with a vented lid or wet paper towel.
  3.  If you choose to do the above, make sure that you stir the rice every minute so that the rice gets mixed around for the temperature to be even.
  4.  Make sure you only microwave one rice pouch at a time.
  5.  Ensure you do not overdo the microwaving. If you do, the brown rice can get dried out and lose its original texture.
  6.  Microwave with the seam of the pouch facing upwards.
  7.  After microwaving for three minutes, leave the rice for another minute to ventilate steam.
  8.  Be careful not to place your fingers too close to the opening so that you do not get burnt. It is spiking hot!  


While there are different kinds of rice, Trader Joe’s frozen brown rice is special because it is so convenient, time-saving, and healthy. It is rich in fiber, magnesium, and B vitamins. It is so easy to prepare that you do not need to use pans or pots and it saves you a whole lot of time it would take to make brown rice from scratch.

If you have read up to this point, congratulations. You are now ready to begin your Trader Joe’s frozen brown rice microwaving journey. Just make a small opening on the pouch, microwave for 3 minutes, and let it sit for a few minutes before you pour the rice into a bowl for serving. Enjoy!

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