How to reheat chicken leg in a microwave? 

Chicken has to be one of the most versatile and most commonly used food items ever. From being grilled to being boiled and everything in between, chicken is a people pleaser. 

Last year, I made a bet with a friend over chicken. I said that chicken legs can be roasted, cooked, and then stored to be eaten for a long time. My friend disagreed. 

He believed that chicken leg can be easily spoiled because once stored for a long time. It loses all its taste and flavor. I decided to prove him wrong. 

I cooked some chicken legs and I stored them in my refrigerator. After taking them out a week later, I decided to put them in a microwave and heat them.

Not only was the chicken spoiled, but I also could not heat it. So I had to pay my friend. But this was a payment I was willing to make. Now I started looking for ways in which I could preserve and successfully reheat chicken legs in a microwave.

I will share with you all the lessons and tips I gathered from the lost bet. I found a lot of answers and my mistake which led to the spoiling of chicken legs. 

Can you reheat chicken leg in a microwave?

Yes, you can reheat chicken leg in a microwave. You just need to follow the right instructions to make sure it is nicely reheated. 

To reheat the chicken leg in the microwave, you need a microwave-safe container. Then you sprinkle the chicken leg with some olive oil and put it in the oven after covering it with a lid.

You need to heat the chicken leg at a few 1-minute intervals. Heat the chicken until it is 74 degrees celsius inside. You need to cover the chicken leg with a microwave lid rather than any plastic materials because they can leach out toxins. 

You just need to make a hole in the lid so that the steam can ventilate. If you want to maintain the moisture of the chicken and make it juicy and tender, add a splash of water to the plate.

A microwave can be your best bet if you want to reheat any leftover chicken promptly. All it takes is a few minutes and you have a juicy chicken leg ready.

Keep the sizes of the chicken legs in mind when heating them in the oven, keep the small ones on the edges and the big ones in the center. This makes sure that the heat is evenly distributed.

Is it safe to reheat chicken leg in a microwave?

Yes, it is safe to reheat chicken leg in a microwave. It can however be potentially harmful if proper food guidelines are not followed.

Firstly, the chicken is sensitive to the temperature and any longer than 2 hours in the temperature danger zone can mean it has spoiled so avoid that.

Secondly, use all the perishable food items at the temperature of 74 degrees celsius. That is a safe temperature to eat your meat in.

It is quite easy and an often repeated habit to reheat the chicken leg in the microwave but make sure a single chicken leg is not heated too often. 

If it is reheated multiple times, the chicken leg can lose its flavor and its texture completely. The result could be a tough, dried-out piece of chicken leg. 

Moreover, it is better to prioritize the freshness of the chicken leg. Hence opt for the best ways possible in which you can preserve the freshness of the chicken leg using a microwave.

Reheating does not harm the nutrients or the taste of the chicken leg. Instead, it helps you cut the distance in half. In this way, you can enjoy a chicken leg at any time without much effort.

Do not forget to add moisture to the chicken leg using a water spray or a brush of olive oil. This will help keep the moisture and prevent the chicken from drying out.

How long does it take to reheat a chicken leg in the microwave?

To get to the temperature where you can say that the chicken is safe to consume, the microwave requires 2 to 3 minutes. A microwave cuts the heating time in half as compared to other tools and methods.

The time taken to reheat a chicken leg depends on two things: one is the size of the chicken leg you want to reheat. The second is the wattage of the microwave, an oven with lower wattage will take more time to heat it.

Microwaves with 1000-watt power can heat multiple chicken legs in 2 to 3 minutes. When you reach halfway through, reheat the chicken legs after flipping them over. 

Check the temperature and see if it requires you to heat more. If so, heat the chicken leg up in 30-second increments of time.

As you can see for yourself, a microwave can save you a significant amount of time while giving you just the best result in taste, texture, and flavor.

How to know if the chicken leg is fully reheated?

Hot chicken legs are steaming hot and they are hot to touch, they are also giving off a nice aroma. To be on the safe side, always use a food thermometer to make sure the chicken is at the optimum temperature i.e. 74 degrees celsius. 

Sometimes, the preservation of the aroma and the texture is not enough. Sometimes, even the moistest and tenderest chickens can contain germs that can cause food poisoning. 

Always check the temperature when cooking or reheating the chicken leg. The microwave is a great way of reheating the chicken leg in a short period, safely.

How to store cooked chicken leg?

Always store the chicken in an airtight container or a ziplock bag that keeps the chicken from drying out. You can store your chicken in the fridge after it has cooled down. This prevents the freezer burn or the ice crystals that affect the moisture of the chicken leg.

It is possible to keep the chicken legs for short as well long periods if packaged properly can be stored in the refrigerator for 2 to 3 days while they can be frozen for months. It is incredibly important to follow the right instructions.

Some tips to reheat the chicken

To get the most out of this protein-rich source of food, keep the following points in mind:

  • Make sure you use the right microwave-safe container or a plate.
  • Drizzle a bit of oil on the chicken legs to keep them moist and tender.
  • Chicken stock can be used to enhance the flavor of the chicken.
  • Put a parchment paper between the chicken legs to add crispiness. 
  • Constantly flip and rotate while heating the chicken legs in 30- second intervals.

It can be difficult to retain the moisture of the chicken, it can result in an extremely dried-out chicken. Make sure you trap the steam inside to keep it soft while preventing overheating them.

Best way to reheat chicken leg in a microwave

Place the chicken legs on a microwave-safe plate and place them apart at a safe distance. Run the microwave at half the power to reheat the chicken legs until the temperature reaches 74 degrees celsius.

The microwave is one of the safest and the most time convenient ways of reheating a chicken leg. The timing can differ due to the power of the microwave and the number or size of the chicken legs. 


Leftover chicken can be used to make a delicious snack or a whole meal, depending on your requirements of the time.

To reheat them successfully, you need to store them in an airtight container that is also microwave-safe. Use olive oil to drizzle on the chicken legs to prevent loss of moisture.

Microwave for 2 to 3 minutes at 50 percent at the intervals of 30 seconds, to reheat them uniformly.

Once done, check with a thermometer and enjoy your chicken legs however you like them.

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