How to reheat a turkey burger in a microwave?

When comes the time of Thanksgiving, the festivities are accompanied by turkeys! That is right, thanksgiving day is known for its preparation of turkey meat for celebrations. Last year, when I celebrated thanksgiving, I roasted a huge turkey and there was plenty of meat left.

To use that meat, I made burgers of the turkey meat and I saved them in my refrigerator for later usage. This was a gamble as it might’ve backfired. Two days later, I got them out for my family and reheated them. 

Long story short, the gamble paid off but how? I had read on the internet about making turkey burgers from leftover meat and saving them. I researched a bit on whether I could reheat them in the microwave.

Upon further research, I found the answers to my questions. The answers would result in the most delicious conclusions. Here I will share what I found and how you could reheat your turkey burgers to perfection, using a microwave.

Can you reheat a turkey burger in the microwave?

Yes, a turkey burger can be reheated using a microwave. The only requirement for it to be successfully heated is that the patty should have an internal temperature of 75 degrees celsius.

The heating of the patties requires attention to detail because any wrong setting of the microwave temperature and power can result in chewy patties.

The turkey burger should be heated at medium power in several one-minute increments. You have to flip and rotate the patty at each interval to distribute the heat evenly.

After the microwave stops, you can check the temperature of the turkey burger, if it is not warm enough, you can heat it up until it is warm enough.

Is it safe to reheat a turkey burger in the microwave?

There is no harm in reheating the turkey burger in the microwave. You can easily use the reheat option of the microwave to reheat the turkey burger without making it tough and chewy. 

Primarily, a microwave-safe dish should be used to heat up the turkey burger. The dish can be made of ceramic or glass. Plastics cannot be used because they can leach out toxic chemicals at high temperatures. 

Furthermore, fats present in the turkey burger need more heat and more time to be reheated. To keep up with the temperature sturdy materials like glass or ceramic are your best bet for the dish.

Moreover, if you take the necessary precautions, reheating the turkey burger in the microwave is not harmful. In fact, it is one of the best methods to preserve the taste and texture of the burger.

How long does it take to heat up a turkey burger in the microwave?

It takes 2 to 3 minutes to reheat the turkey burger in a microwave. You can use the reheat setting if available. The reheating time can vary depending on the wattage of the microwave and the thickness of the burger. 

For a more time-saving and energy-saving experience, heat up one patty at a time. If not possible, lay the patties side by side on a microwave-safe dish and reheat them. Overlapping them will cause uneven heating so avoid that.

Moreover, if you opt to add more patties, increase the time of the microwave by 30 to 40 seconds. Keep flipping and rotating the patties at 1-minute intervals for even heating.

Other than that, if you have frozen the patties, you will need to defrost them in the microwave using the defrost settings. You should opt for this if you want to store the patties for longer periods.

How to know if a turkey burger has gone bad?

Spoiled turkey meat has a rotten smell that resembles the odor of sulfur. If there is a moldy appearance on the meat, if it smells bad and looks off, it should not be consumed.

Furthermore, spoiled turkey meat appears pale or yellow in color. The texture of the meat turns gooey and slimy. If you see any of these on your turkey burger, you should discard the patties.

You can store your turkey burger in the refrigerator for 3 to 4 days in an air-tight container and reheat it to enjoy your meal. For longer periods of storage, freeze the patties in different batches.

Is a microwave reheated turkey burger healthy?

A turkey burger is a protein-rich source of nutrients. Depending on how it has been cooked, it can be one of the healthiest sandwich options on the menu. 

Moreover, it contains some natural fats as well which can be seen as unhealthy but overall, the pros of a turkey burger outweigh the cons. Controlling the temperature and checking it is extremely important while reheating it.

It can make a great meal on the go if you are in a hurry. Just reheat it in a microwave-safe dish so it doesn’t have any plastic toxins in it. You have to make sure you don’t overheat it because that can destroy the flavor and texture of the meat.

Other than that, a turkey burger reheated with adequate measures in a microwave is not unhealthy by any means. It is one of the most convenient and delicious meals available.

Best way to reheat a turkey burger in the microwave 

Turkey burgers can be reheated on stoves as well as microwaves. Both offer you different options but if you are short on time and need to reheat your turkey burger, the microwave is your best bet. 

To make your burger juicy, moist, and to keep it from getting all tough and chewy, place a glass of water inside the microwave or splash the patty with a tablespoon of water. 

Place the turkey burger patty in a microwave-safe dish and start reheating it at medium power. The heating time depends on the power of the microwave as well as the number of burgers being heated.

Furthermore, keep flipping and rotating the burger patty at 1-minute intervals to distribute the heat evenly throughout the burger.

In the end, use a meat thermometer to see if the temperature is right. 74 degrees celsius is just right for a turkey burger reheated in a microwave. Serve your turkey burger with your favorite condiments.


Turkey burgers are one of the most nutritious and protein-packed meals. The fact that they can be heated in a microwave without having to lose any flavor is insane.

Furthermore, due to the already cooked patty of the burger, all you need is to reheat it to the right temperature to enjoy it. Any fluctuations in the temperature and the meat will get chewy.

All you need to do is place the burger patties on a microwave-safe dish and heat it at one-minute intervals. Keep flipping and rotating the patties to make sure they are heated evenly.

Additionally, use the microwave at 70 percent power for 2 to 3 minutes and add a splash of water on the patties to prevent them from getting tough and dry. 

Once fully warmed up, check the temperature of the burgers. 74 degrees Celsius means it is safe to eat. Serve the burger along with the sides to enjoy a wholly fulfilling meal.

Reheating the burger is not a difficult task to perform but if you want your burger to juicy as well as healthy to eat, you have to keep these details in mind.

Finally, reheated leftover turkey burgers after Thanksgiving has been a core memory for me throughout my childhood. Now that I made them myself,  I relived those carefree and delicious memories of that time. Reheat those burgers and live a sustainable life environmentally. 

Not only does the turkey burger provide a healthy meal, but it is also an environmentally conscious choice. So what will be your choice?

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