How To Warm Oat Milk In The Microwave?

Milk is essential in everyone’s life. Ever since birth, it has been a prominent component of our diets. But as years go by, you might start preferring other drinks over milk. This can be due to various reasons, starting with you simply not enjoying the taste and ending with your dietary choices. 

Opting for a dairy-free or vegan lifestyle means you have to steer clear of milk. This distance from milk can also be because of them being lactose intolerant. When they do not drink dairy milk, they look for its substitutes, and oat milk is a great one. You can use it in the various recipes you want to try and experiment with it to your heart’s desires.

When I started to incorporate oat milk into my diet, I had no idea that I had been wasting so much time heating the milk over the stove, when it could be easily done in a microwave! Yes, our favorite machine has done it again. To me, the microwave is a superhero (but without a cape) who has saved me so much time. In this article, we will talk all about microwaving oat milk!

How To Warm Oat Milk In The Microwave?

A cozy glass of warm microwaved oat milk is a comforting treat that can make even the most stressful days a little bearable. Not only that, but you can also pop it in some of your preferred recipes. So knowing this shortcut will come in handy:

What Will You Need?

  • A microwave-safe container (preferably a glass/mug/cup)
  • A spoon
  • A microwave (duh!)


The process of heating oat milk in the microwave is easier than you have imagined it to be. It consists of only a few very simple steps, which include:

  1. Put your desired amount of oat milk into a microwavable glass or container.
  2. The microwave needs to be at medium power/heat.
  3. Insert the oat milk in the microwave for 15-second intervals. After each interval, to ensure even heating, stir the milk.
  4. Let it heat till you can see steam rising from the milk. But be careful not to let it boil in the microwave cause not only can it potentially get your microwave dirty, but the milk itself might thicken.
  5. If you’re using a microwavable container due to the unavailability of a microwavable glass, you can finish the process off by transferring the milk into your favorite glass or mug.

The very last step would be to enjoy your time, stay cozy, and make all your worries and stresses go away for a little time. All of that with just a mug of warm oat milk, wow!

Important Tips to Follow 

  1. Be patient! When it comes to warming milk in the microwave, patience is a virtue you need to strongly abide by. It is crucial to slow down the process as oat milk can easily get scorched and thicken up when heated all at once.
  2. Stir stir stir: Stirring is essential for the milk as it ensures that the oat milk gets evenly heated. Stirring also releases extra heat which prevents the milk from getting burnt.
  3. Stop as soon as you see steam: When you see even the smallest amount of steam rising from the oat milk, take it out right away. You should not take a chance and put it at the risk of boiling.

How Long Does It Take?

Microwaves are always going to be a savior of time. It doesn’t take long to get your oat milk warm, especially in comparison to the traditional over-the-stove method. 

If you have set your microwave to a high heat setting, just 15 seconds is enough for a nice, warm cup of milk. On the other hand, only around 30 to 40 seconds are required to heat oat milk up when the microwave is set to medium heat. But if you set your microwave to medium heat, you will need a maximum of 30 to 40 seconds for your oat milk to get warm. 

Make sure you stir after every fifteen seconds to avoid uneven heating, which can cause the milk to scorch and thicken.

Is It Safe To Microwave Oat Milk?

Microwaving is generally a safe process. It prevents you from coming in direct contact with fire and its heat. So if you are wearing a pair of baking mittens while taking out what you have put in, you will be quite safe.

However, when it comes to heating oat milk in the microwave, there are two risk factors involved. First, oat milk can easily scorch at the bottom of the container/glass you are heating it in. Second, a film of protein will form at the surface of the milk due to this.

Also, scorch milk can not be used further as it develops a burnt taste and has a weird texture.

How Is Heating Oat Milk Different From Heating Regular Milk?

During the heating process in the microwave, the heat is produced by electromagnetic radiation. These radiations, when absorbed, make the water molecules in the milk vibrate, which creates friction. The friction in the milk is what generates heat, warming the milk through.

The difference between oat milk and regular cow milk is that oat milk is made using oats and water. And so, it reacts differently to heat. A major reason behind this is the high starch content present in oat milk. This contributes to the wonderful, nutty taste of oat milk, so ensure slow and gentle heating to conserve its taste.

Benefits of Microwaving

  1. Time: Most of us who use this miraculous machine daily will probably consider this as one of the biggest blessings in our lives. Microwaves save you so much time! Don’t have enough time to prepare a meal? Microwave the leftovers from the previous night! Want a midnight snack? Make cup noodles in the microwave! Want warm oat milk? Well, you guessed it right, microwave!
  2. Convenience: This point relates to the time-saving aspect of the microwave. Microwaves are highly convenient. They are available almost everywhere, and with just a click of a button and a little patience, you can get what you desire.
  3. Safety: Microwaves are pretty safe, as you can heat your food in a box without direct contact with fire or heat. However, wearing oven mittens while taking a dish or food item out can save you from getting burnt.

Related Questions

Can You Heat Homemade Oat Milk In The Microwave?

Yes, you can! However, there is something you need to keep in mind. Homemade oat milk thickens very quickly and very intensely on high heat. Adding a small amount of oil can help slow down the thickening process.

Can You Heat Oat Milk With Additional Flavors Added To It?

You most definitely can! You can add cinnamon, chocolate powder, turmeric, or any other flavor you prefer.

Can You Reuse Microwaved Oat Milk?

Once the oat milk has warmed, you can put it back in the refrigerator and use it later before its expiry date. However, never put freshly heated oat milk, which just came out of the microwave, into the fridge. Doing this will lead to a drastic temperature change in the milk, which might cause it to go bad. Hence, you should always make sure that the milk is at room temperature before putting it in the refrigerator. 


So I shared as promised: the perfect recipe for heating oat milk in the microwave, that ends up with delicious warm milk with the right texture, flavor, and color. By using microwaved warm oat milk, you will be saving yourself time and also making food that will leave you shocked (with its deliciousness, of course ). 

A cup of warm oat milk on a stressful day can lift the gloom from your day and now that you know an easy method to do it, you might not see yourself stressed in the upcoming days! Enjoy!

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