Can you microwave Dunkin Donuts paper cups?

I bet you can’t even count the number of times you’ve grabbed a Dunkin Donut breakfast on the go (coffee and donuts, anyone?)

But as soon as you’ve reached work, your boss calls you in for a meeting, and the coffee, like Cinderella after the ball, transforms from a piping hot beverage to a lukewarm mess that honestly isn’t that much drinkable anymore.

You’ve toyed with the idea of heating your Dunkin Donut paper coffee cup in the microwave, but there’s that little voice you probably hear in the back of your head that keeps saying, is it safe? is it doable? will the paper cup hold or will I start an office fire?

If you thought that you had only two options left now:

  1. To toss out the cooled coffee (start out your day caffeine-deprived )
  2. Or drink the unfortunate lukewarm/cool coffee

Then let me assure you that you have the option to reheat your coffee safely and make it drinkable again. How?

Well, that’s exactly what we will be answering in the article below:

Can you microwave Dunkin Donut paper cups?

Heating up coffee, directly in the Dunkin Donut paper cups they come in is a big NO.

Why? Because these paper cups are made for a single-use. While they may initially hold the hot coffee pretty well, they are not designed to be used for reheating.

The material is not sturdy enough to withstand the high temperatures it may be exposed to in a microwave.

What would happen if I microwave Dunkin Donuts cups?

If you try reheating your coffee in the Dunkin Donuts paper cup either of the three things may happen:

  1. The microwave heat may cause the glue holding the cup together to melt and leak into your drink.
  2. The glue might melt and make the paper cup collapse, leaving you with a puddle of coffee in the microwave, or worse it could collapse in your hand leaving you with a bad burn.
  3. The paper cup might even catch fire if reheating protocols aren’t followed properly

This is because of the material (double-walled paperboard) with which these coffee cups are made, which makes Dunkin Donut cups, not microwave-safe.

Is it safe to microwave Dunkin Donut cups?

No, it is not safe for your health to microwave your coffee in Dunkin Donut paper cups, because of the potential chances of glue melting from the paper cup and getting mixed in with your coffee.

If you are looking to reheat your coffee, don’t put your paper cups in the microwave. They are only designed to be used for holding hot liquids, not for reheating them.

Before I was aware of the dangers of using a paper cup in the microwave I actually did attempt to microwave my coffee in the cup it came in. What I was left with was a burn mark on the “Do not microwave” label on the cup (which I had neglected to read). 

It was like the universe was saying “What are you even thinking”. So haha serves me right, never forget to read the fine print folks!

I actually got away easy while it could have been a whole lot worse. But that experience made me look into why paper cups shouldn’t be used for reheating liquids, like coffee especially.

How to reheat Dunkin Donuts coffee without using paper cups?

You can still heat up your coffee in the microwave using a glass or ceramic cup that’s microwave safe.

Or you could even use your coffee pot to heat it on the stove and then transfer it to the same paper cup.

These paper cups will still work great for holding your heated coffee without burning your hands, just not for reheating with coffee in it.

How do I know if my Dunkin Donut paper cup is microwave-safe?

That’s a great question actually. Dunkin Donuts, like most manufacturers, will have a print on their cups specifying if their cups are microwavable or not (But don’t be like me and forget to read them)

Or check out the material the cup is made from. If there is any waxy lining inside the cup, then avoid heating it in the microwave.

If you are still unsure, then here is a quick little trick you can use to decide if it’s safe to proceed or not.

  1. Empty your Dunkin Donuts coffee into another glass cup.
  2. Fill the empty paper cup with water and put it in the microwave to heat up.
  3. When it’s done, touch the outer surface of the cup to see if it’s hot, if it is then it is not safe to use in the microwave.
  4. But if the cup stays cool from the outside and your contents are hot, then you can use this for your coffee as well.

Bottom line is, whenever you have a doubt it would always be better that you switch your coffee to a material that’s known to be microwave-safe.

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Tips for using Dunkin Donuts paper cups in the microwave

If you’ve reached here after reading all of the above then you probably must be thinking that you’ll need to toss out your coffee once it has gone cold, since there is no possibility of reheating it.

Let me assure you my friend that’s not entirely the case. While the cups may not be safe, the coffee itself is still good to consume even after reheating.

But you need to follow some precautions to get optimal out of your coffee.

  • Before reheating, always transfer your coffee, to a microwave-safe cup
  • Don’t place the plastic lid that comes with the paper cup on your glass cup. Plastic can melt and become a health hazard.
  • Microwave in 30-second intervals till the desired temperature is reached
  • Stir well in between to distribute heat evenly and to reduce the risk of the water in the coffee getting superheated and causing an explosion.


So to summarize what you learned from this article

  • Heating coffee in paper cups…not safe. 
  • Glue can melt and potentially mix with your drink, among other issues.

What you can do instead:

  • Heat your Dunkin Donuts coffee in a glass cup every time you want to enjoy a cuppa joe.

Couldn’t be simpler.

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