How to Defrost Pie Dough in the Microwave

If you’ve ever had a craving for some homemade pie, but didn’t have the time to let the dough thaw, you may have been tempted to try using the microwave. However, you may be skeptical about whether or not this is actually a safe idea. After all, microwaves are known for cooking food, not defrosting it.

So what’s the verdict? Let’s find out!

Furthermore, many more questions come to mind when wondering if microwaving your pie dough is a good thing or not. For example:

  • Can microwaves actually defrost pies?
  • Is it Safe to defrost pies?
  • Which things do you need to avoid?
  • How to defrost pies without ruining them?
  • How long does it take to defrost a pie?
  • What if my microwave doesn’t have a defrost setting?

So, if you’re searching about any of these things, read on for more information.

Can Microwaves Actually Defrost Pie dough?

Yes, microwaves can actually defrost pies. However, there’s a bit of a science to microwaving food in general, and thawing frozen dough is no exception. The key is to use the microwave’s defrost setting, which will slowly warm the dough and prevent it from cooking too quickly on the outside while the inside remains frozen.

Is it Safe to Defrost Pie dough?

For the most part, yes, it is safe to defrost pies in the microwave. However, there are a few things to keep in mind in order to ensure that your pie dough is thawed properly and doesn’t end up overcooked or tough because of the heat.

Safety depends on the microwave’s defrost setting, and the power level, which is why it’s important to keep an eye on the process.

You can defrost pie dough properly by following these tips

Protect it by placing it safely

Put the frozen dough on a plate or baking sheet that can provide ease to the microwaving process. For best results, line the plate or baking sheet with parchment paper. Furthermore, ensure that the frozen dough is not touching the sides of the plate or baking sheet.

You can also use aluminum foil, but make sure to avoid touching the microwave’s sides. If you don’t have either of these materials, you can use a regular plate, but be sure to spray it with cooking spray first.

Cover it

Covering the dough once it’s in place will help prevent drying out as you thaw your pie filling, but there are other options for protecting its surface too. You can cover it with plastic wrap too- just make sure not to let any air get trapped underneath because this can cause cracks on top during cooking time.

This will ensure your pie crust doesn’t dry out as you wait for them to thaw.

Wrapping and covering the dough is an important step because it will help to prevent the formation of ice crystals inside  the dough, which can make the crust tough.


Set the microwave to its defrost setting and heat the dough for 30 seconds at a time. Defrost settings of microwaves allow for a slower and more even thawing process, which helps to prevent the dough from overcooking. Defrosting the pie dough would take around 2-3 minutes.

Power Setting

The power setting of microwaves also plays an important role in how evenly the dough will thaw. A lower power setting can be used instead of a defrost setting if your microwave doesn’t have one. Start with 50% power and heat the dough for 1 minute at a time, checking it after each interval to see if it has thawed enough to work with.

Moreover, if the dough is still frozen, continue microwaving it in 1-minute increments until it is thawed.


Flipping is important to prevent the dough from cooking unevenly. Flip the dough over halfway through the microwaving process to ensure even thawing. Check after each 30-second interval to see if the dough has thawed enough to work with.

Once the dough has thawed, allow it to sit for a few minutes before working with it so that it can cool slightly. By doing this, you can prevent the dough from overcooking.

How Long Does It Take to Thaw Pie dough in the Microwave?

To make the most of your pie, don’t forget that it needs time to thaw before you can start making filling and toppings.

It usually takes about 2-3 minutes to thaw a pie in the microwave. But, it is important to check the dough after each 30-second interval to see if it has thawed enough to work with. If the dough is still frozen, continue microwaving it in 30-second increments until it is thawed.

Microwave one pouch on the defrost setting for 10-20 seconds or let pies sit at room temperature for at least 15 minutes. Resetting will take 60 – 90 more Minutes so give yourself enough notice if planning ahead is important.

Still, it depends on the size of the pie, the power setting of your microwave, and whether or not you are flipping the dough over halfway through the microwaving process.

Which Things do You Need To Avoid?

When microwaving frozen dough, you’ll need to avoid a few things in order to prevent your pie from overcooking.

  • Avoid using the microwave’s cook or bake setting, as this will cook the dough too quickly on the outside while the inside remains frozen.
  • Avoid microwaving the dough for too long, as this can cause it to become tough.
  • Avoid using too much power, as this can also cause the dough to become tough.
  • Avoid adding any toppings or fillings until the dough has thawed completely, as this can prevent the dough from thawing properly.
  • Lastly, avoid letting the dough sit in the microwave for too long after it has finished defrosting, thi cause it to overcook.

Will the Microwaving pie dough make it tough?

No, microwaving will not make the dough tough. In fact, it is one of the best ways to thaw your dough without ruining it. But it could be overcooked if you don’t follow the proper steps or if you leave it in the microwave for too long.

Moreover, tough and overcook pie dough will make your crusts rubbery, dense, and chewy. So, be careful while microwaving the dough and follow the proper steps to thaw it.

Which other methods can be used to thaw the dough?

Thawing your dough can be tricky, but there are ways that will help.

Fridge method

Thawing dough can be a pain in the neck. It’s much easier if you use your fridge. Just leave it inside for 24 hours before cooking so they don’t get ruined due to too early spoilage caused by overcooking. The fridge method is the best way to thaw your dough if you have the time. It the dough to thaw slowly and evenly, which will prevent it from overcooking.

Coldwater method

If you’re short on time, you can thaw your dough using cold water. Simply place the dough in a resealable bag and submerge it in cold water. Check the dough every 30 minutes to see if it has thawed enough to work with.

Hot water method

If you’re in a hurry, you can thaw your dough using hot water. The hot water method is a fast way to make your favorite pie crust, but it’s not recommended if you want an authentic taste.

To do this step right and get that perfect texture without cracking or breaking off any pieces while still being able to roll out the dough easily, use freezer-weighted bags so they don’t melt before getting cold again later on.

Microwave method

As we mentioned before, microwaving is another quick way to thaw your dough. Simply place the dough in the microwave and heat it for 1 minute at a time, checking it after each interval to see if it has thawed enough to work with.

Oven method

If you’re in a really big hurry, you can thaw your dough using the oven. Simply place the dough on a baking sheet and bake it at a low temperature (250 degrees Fahrenheit) for 10 minutes.

Can you Refreeze the thawed dough?

No, you should not refreeze the thawed dough. The easiest way to keep your crust from getting soggy? Don’t refreeze it. If you need to store your pie dough, don’t keep it for more than 24 hours. The best way is to use the dough immediately or refrigerate once fully thawed out but be sure not to exceed that time frame.

Furthermore, freezing and thawing the dough multiple times can make it tough and less pliable. So, it is best to avoid refreezing a thawed dough.


So, if you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to let your pie dough thaw slowly on the counter, don’t worry – you can still achieve delicious results by using your microwave.

You’ll have a warm slice of pie in no time by following these easy steps. Have you ever microwaved pie dough to defrost it? Perhaps you should try it this year. It’s a great way to save time without sacrificing flavor or texture.

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