How to Melt Chocolate Kisses in the Microwave? (Easy Guide)

Chocolate kisses are a crowd favorite because of their heavenly taste, smooth texture, and their exciting varieties. They are also a popular choice when baking chocolate treats.

Choosing the right chocolate and melting the chocolate just right, will get you finger-licking chocolate muffins, cookies, brownies, and velvety-smooth chocolate dips, 

There are different ways to melt chocolate kisses, but the microwave is definitely the faster and easier way. 

However, get it wrong and you will end up with burnt, curdy chocolate.

You don’t want that. I don’t want that either.

So, let us get into a step-by-step guide to melting chocolate kisses. The right way.

You got the Chocolate kisses now what?

can you melt hershey kisses in the microwave

How to Melt Chocolate Kisses in a Microwave?

STEP ONE: unwrap and cut-up

Of course, the first thing to do when you have your Chocolate kisses is to unwrap them. Unwrap as many as you need.  

Though chocolate kisses are considerably small in size, cutting them into smaller pieces makes the melting process faster and more even.

The pieces don’t have to be the same size. 

You can leave your chocolate kisses as they are, but cutting them into smaller sizes will save you some microwave time. 

STEP TWO: Use a Heatproof bowl

Place your chopped (or unchopped) chocolate kisses into a heatproof bowl. 

Heatproof bowls work well in the microwave, and they are ideal for baking, boiling, or anything that involves heat. You can purchase them in ceramic, glass, or stainless steel.

Remove any lid or covering placed over the chocolate. While in other cases it is advised to put a lid over your food in the microwave, with chocolate it is better you do not place a lid because this may cause condensation. Leaving you with stiff chocolate.

Once your chocolate kisses are placed in your heatproof bowl, put them in the microwave.

When melting chocolate, do not use plastic containers, which can melt under excessive heat and leach harmful chemicals into your chocolate mix. 

Make sure you use a microwave-safe bowl or dish if you do not have a heatproof bowl.

STEP THREE: How long should chocolate kisses be in the microwave?

melting hershey kisses

Set your microwave at low power and set your microwave timer for 30 seconds. Do check-ins at 15 seconds intervals and stir each time.

You could set the microwave temperature at medium heat, putting the timer then at 20 seconds. However, whether 30 seconds or 20 seconds,  it is important that you maintain the interval check-in and consistent stirring.

Stirring the chocolate ensures a smooth consistency in the melting process and distributes the heat evenly.  For stirring, a rubber spatula is preferred.

While the microwave is an easy, quick, and popular way to melt chocolate kisses, it can go wrong if attention is not given to the process. So, ensure you check regularly and stir.

Chocolate kisses start melting at 90 degrees Fahrenheit (32 degrees Celsius).

This is also a good time to point out that dark chocolate melts the fastest compared to other variations. This is because of its higher percentage of cocoa butter and fat.

STEP FOUR: Remove From the Microwave

You have kept to time, interval checks, and consistent stirring. Your chocolate sauce is coming along nicely. 

But do not let your chocolate kisses melt completely in the microwave. Doing so will result in the chocolate getting burnt, or being lumpy.

Instead, when chocolate kisses have melted to a considerable degree, pull them out of the microwave and set them on your kitchen counter.

The unmelted portion of the chocolate kisses will get melted by the residual heat in the heatproof bowl. 

There are times when chocolate kisses are not melting. This is a very confusing and frustrating time (I have been there).

A likely reason for this is water. Meaning that some drops or droplets of water have gotten into your chocolate.

This often happens when using a microwave to melt chocolate.

To avoid this very frustrating scene from happening to you, ensure every kitchen utensil you use in this process is thoroughly dry. Including your microwave. 

STEP FIVE: Get Creative

Now your chocolate kisses are melted and ready for use. 

You can use it as a chocolate dip for strawberries, or bananas. But remember when using fruits in chocolate dip ensure the fruit is dry (wet fruit is an enemy of melted chocolate).

You could also make a chocolate fondue (fun!) or add this velvety-smooth chocolate to your baking recipe.

What about Hershey kisses can they be used the same way? And do they ‘work’ the same way?

Let’s find out.

Can you microwave Hershey Kisses?

Yes, you can microwave Hershey kisses. 

Hershey’s kisses are a popular substitute for chocolate chips and work very well as a chocolate dip for fruits or cookies.

They come in a variety of flavors, such as milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and white chocolate.

Whatever Hershey kisses variety you choose, ensure there is a high percentage of cocoa butter and fat contained within. 

That combination guarantees faster melting and a smoother texture as an outcome. 

However, unlike chocolate kisses that have a melting point of 90 degrees Farehenint (32 degrees Celsius), Hershey kisses have a much higher melting point at 108 degrees Farehenint ( 42 degrees Celsius).

Another fact is that Hersey kisses are known to burn easily. However,  interestingly, they are also somewhat resistant to melting.

Why Don’t Hershey Kisses Melt?

Hershey’s kisses do not melt very well because they are coated with wax, which keeps them in their form even when melted.

To get it to melt as desired, you will need to increase the temperature setting (that is moving the temperature from low heat to medium heat). Also, you would set your timer between 15 to 30 seconds and stir at intervals.

The probability of your Hershey kisses getting burnt and being unusable as a result of this increased heat is very high (pun intended).

If you do not want to risk it, you can opt for other chocolate variations that melt more consistently.

Can I melt Hershey Chocolate bars?

Yes, you can melt Hershey’s chocolate bars. Break them into pieces so they can melt faster and evenly.

Breaking the chocolate bars into small pieces is important as the bars tend to be chunky, and using them as they are will not make for a smooth chocolate mixture.

If you are using Hershey chocolate bars, bear in mind that they have a low melting point and melt faster. So, do not heat for too long and do not use high temperatures as well.

According to the Hershey Company Website, the chocolate bar melts at 75 degrees Fahrenheit (24 degrees Celsius).

75 degrees Fahrenheit is considerably lower when compared with other chocolates used for baking.

how to melt hershey kisses in microwave

Things to Remember When Melting Chocolate Kisses

Melted chocolate kisses are a great addition to any baking and a great substitute for chocolate chips.

But there are a few things to keep in mind in order to get it right.

  1. Make sure all utensils used for melting chocolate are dry. Including your microwave. Any moisture no matter how little will make melting efforts futile.
  2. Break the chocolates into smaller pieces, this makes chocolates melt faster and evenly, therefore, preventing overheating.
  3. Do not overheat Hershey’s kisses. Remember that chocolate burns easily so be sure to stick to temperature guidelines and standard time which is anything between 15 to 30 seconds.
  4. Check your melting Chocolate at intervals and ALWAYS  stir to ensure evenness. When stirring work from the center to the outer edges.
  5. Use a glass bowl (heatproof bowl) to melt chocolate and NOT plastic containers.

Wrapping up

Now you know just how to go about melting chocolate kisses. So,  you can infuse them into your next baked treat for yourself and your friends.


How can I melt Hershey’s chocolate?

To melt Hershey’s chocolate, you can break the Hershey’s chocolate bar into small pieces and place them in a microwave-safe bowl. Microwave the bowl on high for 30 seconds at a time, stirring after each interval until the melted chocolate is smooth and creamy.

What is the best way to melt Hershey kisses?

The best way to melt Hershey kisses is by placing them in a microwave-safe bowl and microwaving them on high for 10-15 seconds. Stirring occasionally until they are fully melted.

Can I use cocoa butter instead of milk chocolate chips?

Yes, you can use cocoa butter instead of milk chocolate chips as it has similar properties that make it an excellent substitute for milk chocolate chips when melting or baking.

Is it safe to put Hershey’s Chocolate in the microwave?

Yes, it is safe to put Hershey’s Chocolate in the microwave as long as you follow proper melting techniques such as using low heat settings and stirring frequently to avoid burning or overheating.

Why does my melted chocolate have lumps even though I used milk chocolate?

Melted milk chocolates may sometimes have lumps due to overcooking or overheating during melting. To prevent this from happening, try using lower heat settings when melting your chocolates and stir frequently until smooth.

How can I melt chocolate bars without burning them?

To melt chocolate bars, use a heatproof bowl or double boiler and avoid using a hot bowl. Make sure the glass or microwave safe bowl is completely dry before adding the chocolate. Stir frequently to ensure that the cocoa butter content melts evenly.

What is the best way to melt Hershey’s chocolate?

The best way to melt Hershey’s chocolate is by using a microwave-safe bowl or a heatproof glass bowl over simmering water in a double boiler. Be sure to stir frequently until it is completely melted, then remove from heat immediately.

Can I use white chocolate instead of regular chocolate for melting?

Yes, you can use white chocolate for melting just like regular chocolates. Use either a microwave-safe or heatproof glass bowl over simmering water in a double boiler and stir frequently until it is completely melted.

Why should I remove melted chocolates from heat immediately?

It’s important to remove melted chocolates from heat immediately because they continue to cook even after being removed from direct heat. This will prevent overheating and burning of your melted Hershey’s Chocolate.

Is it necessary to use only glass bowls when melting chocolates?

No, you don’t have to use only glass bowls when melting chocolates; however, make sure that whatever container you choose must be either microwave safe or made of tempered glass so that it won’t shatter under high temperatures while stirring your mixture regularly during heating process.

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