How to Reheat Green Bean Casserole in Microwave

Creamy sauce, fried onions, delicious mushrooms, and tender beans – what’s not to like in a green bean casserole? This easy-to-make dish is classic and, not to mention, scrumptious. You can pair it up with many different dishes and even mix up how you prepare it. You can even add your favorite ingredients to it. 

And while green bean casserole tastes as good the next day, the beans can get mushy, and the fried onions can become soft if you don’t know how to microwave them correctly. 

But if you know the right reheating method, you can just make green bean casserole ahead of time and store it in the refrigerator. And when you want to serve it, you can just take it out and reheat the servings you need without making a soggy mess of green bean casserole.

So how do you reheat green bean casserole in the microwave? Here’s everything you need to know. 

Can you reheat green bean casserole in the microwave?

Yes, you can microwave green bean casserole in a microwave. With the right tips and tricks, you can make sure that reheating green bean casserole doesn’t become runny or soggy.

One of the most convenient and quickest ways to reheat green bean casserole is in the microwave. You can easily warm up the leftover side and get it onto your plate within minutes without sacrificing the taste or quality. 

But before you put it in the microwave, just make sure that it was properly stored in the fridge. You shouldn’t microwave it if you left it out overnight or if it was kept at room temperature for over two hours.

In general, it is okay to consume leftover green bean casserole for up to four days if it was stored correctly.

How can you reheat green bean casserole in the microwave?

To reheat the green bean casserole in the microwave, dish out the amount of green bean casserole you want and put it in a microwave-safe bowl. Cover the bowl using plastic wrap. Poke a few holes in the wrap using a toothpick, paring knife, or fork to let out excess steam. Microwave your leftover green bean casserole for a minute on medium power. Stir the casserole and continue microwaving it in 30-second increments until the internal temperature reaches 165° Fahrenheit.

Reheating green bean casserole isn’t difficult at all, but you should still be careful so that it doesn’t dry out or turn mushy, soggy, and unappealing. With the right method, you can get the perfect reheated casserole.

To get started, take out the amount of green beans casserole you want to microwave and put it in a microwave-safe plate or bowl. Make sure the bowl is deep enough so that you can put an even layer of green bean casserole without overcrowding the bowl.

If your green bean casserole looks too dry, add a little bit of broth, milk, or water to moisten it. This will make sure that the green bean casserole doesn’t completely dry out in the microwave. 

Next, cover the casserole dish with plastic wrap and poke some holes in it. Alternatively, you can cover the green bean casserole with a damp paper towel or lid. However, the best option is a lid with vented holes.

Once that’s done, put the casserole dish in the microwave and nuke for a minute on medium heat. After the minute is done, stir the green bean casserole and put it back for another 30 seconds. Continuing microwaving in 30-second intervals and stir after each interval to make sure heat spreads evenly. 

Make sure you don’t leave the green bean casserole unattended while it’s in the microwave, or it will overcook. You will know that the casserole is thoroughly heated when the internal temperature is 165° Fahrenheit.  

Once it’s thoroughly reheated, add in your favorite toppings like fried onions, crumbled potato chips, bread crumbs, caramelized onions, cheddar cheese, or Parmesan cheese, and enjoy. You can even pair it up with your main dish and serve!

Is it safe to reheat green bean casserole in the microwave?

microwave green bean casserole

Yes, it is completely safe to reheat this vegetable casserole in the microwave. You need to make sure that the internal temperature of the reheated casserole reaches 165° Fahrenheit. Otherwise, it won’t be safe to eat.  

While it is generally safe to reheat leftover green bean casserole in the microwave, there are two things you need to be mindful of. 

First, you need to make sure it was stored properly before you microwave it. Things like cooked, canned green beans, milk, cheese, and cream can be contaminated if they’re left at room temperature. 

Not to mention, the USDA states that any perishable kept at temperatures between 40 and 140° Fahrenheit for over two hours is unsafe to consume. So make sure your casserole was properly refrigerated before you even think of trying to reheat green bean casserole. 

Second, be mindful of the steam. The creamy sauce and string beans in the casserole can lead to excessive steam buildup, which can heat the dish very quickly. So make sure there’s some way for the steam to escape. Plus, be careful when handling the hot dish. Use pot holders to make sure you don’t burn your hands.

How long does it take to reheat green bean casserole?

The time it takes for a green bean casserole to heat up depends on the quantity you’re microwaving, how powerful your appliance is, and your microwave’s power setting. In general, it takes roughly 2 minutes to heat a single portion on medium power. Meanwhile, two or more servings can take up to 3 minutes to fully reheat.

The exact time it takes to reheat green bean casserole also depends on how frozen or cold it is. If it is too cold, you can add 30 or 60-second intervals accordingly. 

When it comes to a green bean casserole, or any vegetable casserole for that matter, it’s best to stick to reheat power instead of full power. The reheat option increases the temperature gradually instead of at once, which can burn the sauce or even heat the casserole unevenly.

The best way to ensure even heating is to keep stirring after each interval.

Tips to reheat green bean casserole in the microwave

reheating green bean casserole

Whether you store your leftover green bean casserole in the refrigerator or freezer, there are some things you should keep in mind when it’s time to reheat it.   

  • If your green bean casserole was in the refrigerator, make sure all the different ingredients present in it come down to room temperature before you mix them with your cheese sauce. 
  • Generally, the slower the casserole heats up, the more delicious it’s going to be. This is because heating it slowly will ensure everything is hot and there are no cold spots. This is why it’s better to opt for the reheat setting instead of high power.  
  • Covering the green bean casserole with plastic wrap, a damp paper towel, or a microwave cover has a lot of benefits. Doing so will not only trap the steam but will also cut down the cooking time and prevent splatters. Just make sure you poke some holes so that the steam escapes and the casserole doesn’t turn soggy.
  • If you have a lot of green bean casserole that you want to microwave, allow it to come down to room temperature for at least half an hour. Microwave in small portions to ensure even heating.
  • Never reheat the casserole at full power. The sudden increase in temperature can dry out and even burn the casserole. 

Related Questions

How to reheat a casserole without drying it out?

The simplest way to reheat green beans casserole without drying it out is to reheat it using a microwave-safe dish accompanied by a small cup of water. Place your casserole in the microwave and heat it on medium-high power for 30 seconds.

The water will help to create steam, which will prevent the green beans casserole from drying out.

The Bottom Line

You now know how to reheat green bean casserole in the microwave. As you can see, the process is pretty hassle-free and quick. While you will have to experiment a little to figure out the exact reheating time, it won’t take more than ten minutes. 

Plus, reheating the casserole in the microwave takes away the hassle of preheating the oven and then waiting for the dish to thoroughly heat up. 

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